Alright Amazon, it’s been over half a year since you told us about Dash. In short, Amazon Dash is a device that just chills in the kitchen, and whenever you run out of something, you can just scan the label or record a voice memo. Awesome, right? Well, it’s been available by invitation only since April, and we’ve still been forgetting to pick up milk or bread or that one thing that’s always on the tip of our tongue. Lucky for us, there’s Hiku.

Hiku is a circular bar code scanner and recorder that remembers all the things you ran out of. Each item you record or scan using your Hiku immediately gets transferred onto the Hiku app (free on iOS and Android). So as long as you have your phone when you’re at the grocery store, you won’t forget anything ever again.

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking: Isn’t that exactly what Amazon Dash does? Well… kind of. Amazon Dash is specifically for produce and food. It’s also directly linked to Amazon Fresh so you don’t even need to go to the supermarket. But that doesn’t necessarily make Dash better than Hiku.

Unlike Amazon Dash, Hiku doesn’t only restock your fridge and pantry. It restocks your whole house. The Hiku is not limited to the kitchen, so you can always remember to get more lotion or cotton swabs too. Oh, and the best part? You can get your own Hiku right away for $79. That’s for sure going onto our wish list. Better live up to your name and start dashing into stores, Amazon Dash, because right now, Hiku looks like a nice alternative to check out.

Are you tired of waiting on the Amazon Dash, or are you a patient person? What are your thoughts on Hiku? Tell us in the comments!