‘Tis the season for sweaters, gifts (take a peek at our ample gift guides for good ideas), and sweet treats, like this holiday rainbow cookie cake, and for some who are expecting, it’s also the time to decide on a unique baby name. Whether you’re preparing for a holiday birth or just adding to your baby name wish list, you’re going to love how merry and bright these names will make you feel. While these monikers all have a seasonal spirit, they’re still perfectly suited for a brand new bundle of joy born any day of the year.


1. Holly: From Holly Hobby to Holly Golightly, this name conjures up images of sweet, whimsical, headstrong women steeped in classic American pop culture history. It’s also, of course, a flowering plant with a very pretty berry associated with the holiday season.

2. Noel or Noelle: French for “Christmas,” Noel is a beautiful word associated with the peace and joy of the holiday. And depending on how it’s pronounced, it’s commonly known as both a boy and girl’s name.

3. Joy: It doesn’t get much simpler than this when it comes to naming a baby after the very emotion it’s bringing into the world. Bonus points for brevity!

4. Carol: Naming your kid after a joyous piece of music? Sweet indeed. Oh, just think of all the puns you can make with those birth announcements (“Here we come a-Carol-ing…”)

5. Leila, Laila or Layla: Hebrew for the word “night,” this lovely trio of names bring to mind both a classic rock anthem and the calmness of each evening of Hanukkah. Versatile, no?

6. December: As all-encompassing as a holiday name can get, this quirky name stands out in a crowd with its distinctive sound and a hint of twinkle in there too.


7. January: Sure, we’ve all heard of January Jones, but the name is lovely because it’s the first month of the year and a promise of new beginnings.

8. Natalia: Meaning “Christmas Day” in Latin, this word conjures up festive images from around the world — namely Italy, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Greek, Russia, Ukraine and Poland: all places where it still means exactly the same thing.

9. Cinnamon: It’s the signature spice of the holiday season, and even the word itself sounds cozy and wonderful. (Granted, we’re a little biased since one of our very own Brit + Co contributors has the very same name!)

10. Joseph: Whether he grows up to be Joe, Joey or just J, any little one born with this name is going to have lots of ways to abbreviate it.

11. Angel: Pure and sweet, this name couldn’t be more perfect to bestow on a newborn. After all, that’s exactly what each one is… before diaper duty kicks in, anyway.

12. Mary: For new parents who are holiday traditionalists, it doesn’t get any more Christmas-inspired than Mary herself.

13. Merry: For parents who are less traditional but every bit as in love with the holidays, this is a very cool alternative. Plus, it just brings to mind a very happy, jolly time of year.

14. Gabrielor Gabrielle: All babies are angelic, so what’s better than the Hebrew name of one very important celestial messenger in a seriously famous story?

15. Bell: Particularly perfect for new parents in search of a name with a certain ring to it (pun intended), this name has subtle holiday ties, but is also generally pretty any time of year. Also, it’s a departure from the more conventional spelling of “Belle,” which means beautiful in French.

16. Rosemary: Who doesn’t love the chic beauty of a tiny rosemary bush doubling as a holiday tree? This fragrant herb is found throughout all sorts of natural holiday decor, and it’s an old-school name with lots of vintage charm.


17. Eve: Classic and beautiful, this name carries both the verve of a 1950s screen goddess and the natural wonder of a sunset. It’s also an amazing name for someone born on December 24 or 31. Just saying.

18. Shamash: A Hebrew word meaning “attendant,” this word describes the highest candle in a menorah, used to light the other candles. The beautifully symbolic name is a touching tribute to a family’s spiritual heritage.

19. Claus: Greek for “people’s victory,” this name can be pronounced more like “Klauss” than “Clause,” giving a subtle nod to the jolly man with the sleigh while maintaining some shred of schoolyard dignity.

20. Rudolph: Sure, it’s a little on the nose (see what we did there?) but hey, it worked just fine for Valentino and Giuliani, both of whom grew up to be leaders in their fields… just like a certain red-nosed reindeer we’ve all heard stories about.

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