Now that we’re well into 2017, there are a few color trends that are primed to take over spring. Dreamy hues like dusty rose and pale peach will inspire you to lighten and brighten your living space for spring, while cooler tones like dusky blue and gray will add that trendy minimalist vibe to your workspace or bedroom. Scroll on to get inspired and get ready to perk up your space with 2017’s must-try shades.



1. With Whites and Woods: Taupe has a unique ability to simultaneously warm up and soothe the aesthetic of a room, which makes it a great option for bedroom walls. Pair it with wood finishes and creamy whites for a rich look that will send you into a peaceful slumber. (via Setting for Four)

Taupe 3

2. Get the Blues: The calming effect of muted blues make them a perfect complement for the mellow vibes of this color. Put ’em together for a timeless design that will keep you calm for years to come. (via The Design Chaser)

Taupe 2

3. Modern + Minimal: Neutral taupe doesn’t just belong in the bedroom. Opt for taupe living room walls to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that’ll lend itself equally well to entertaining and deep lounging. (via My Scandinavian Home)

Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine Yellow

4. Bright Backsplash: Your kitchen backsplash is a delightful place to experiment with bold colors, and it doesn’t get much bolder than this. Incorporating this zesty hue into your aesthetic will knock the sleep right out of your eyes while you enjoy breakfast each morning. (via Design Sponge)

Sunshine Yellow 3

5. Retro Lovin’: This nostalgic color beautifully enhances the simple silhouettes of a mid-century mod aesthetic. (via vtwonen)

Sunshine yellow 2

6. Statement Couch: With one piece of furniture you can instantly brighten and energize a room. (via Paper & Stitch)

Pale Peach


7. Just Peachy: Depending on how it’s executed, peach can be every bit a neutral. Take note of how this peachy decor complements the warm tones of natural light without taking center stage. (via Loving It)

Pale Peach 3

8. Sweet + Simple: Is your minimalist decor feeling a little cold lately? A simple Scandi-inspired bedroom warms right up with the incorporation of this sweet hue. (via Ahigo)

Pale Peach 2

9. Peach Patterns: If you love to play with patterns, this color will make it easy on you. Its mellow tone means you can get bold with pattern play without overwhelming your aesthetic. (via Invito Muebles)

Pale Green

Pale Green

10. Natural Combinations: Enhance pale green walls with terracotta planters and wood finishes for a Southwestern vibe that looks like it was plucked straight out of the most stylish desert abode. (via Binti Home)

11. Basic Bedspread: Blessing your bed with this quiet color choice is a no-fail way to get down on this trend without over-committing to it. Consider adding some real-life greenery, like this hanging plant, to punctuate the look.

Pale Green 2

12. Greenery: Being that Greenery is Pantone’s color pick for 2017, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing it work so well with its more subtle counterpart. Experimenting with different shades of green will give your room lots of cohesive, lovely layers. (via Keeelly91 Interior Blog)



13. Matching Tones: If you love this hue but you’re not quite sure how to work such a vibrant color into your look, work with similar tones, like these particular shades of turquoise and yellow. (via BHG)

Magenta 3

14. Bold Bedroom: If you think this color will keep you up at night, think again. Incorporating muted magenta walls into the bedroom works incredibly well, provided you stick to more neutral secondary colors like gray and taupe. (via Decor Pad)

Magenta 2

15. Just a Touch: Due to its loud and proud nature, all you need is a splash of this color to make a big impact. Add a magenta throw pillow or small piece of furniture to your room and watch it come alive. (via Jonathan Adler)

Light Aqua

Light Aqua

16. Aqua Tile: This beautiful blue looks stunning in all kinds of materials, like this tile backsplash. (Design Milk)

Light Aqua 3

17. Retro Blues: Why, hello there, mid-century sleek! (via Bigtime Design)

18. Aqua Couch: Who knew that a bright aqua couch could look so chic? Plain white walls open the door to statement pieces that would otherwise overcrowd a design.



19. All Gray Everything: The beauty of this cool hue is that you can use it with reckless abandon and your space will only get more sophisticated for it. (via Createcph)

20. Light Gray: Light gray works similarly to a pastel in its ability to soften up any space, making it perfect for the bedroom. Pair it with blushes and coppers for a chic and delicious design.

Gray 2

21. Layer Up: Like we said, you really can’t have too much of this color. Take advantage of its versatility by layering up different shades to make a major design impact. (via Make a Home)

Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose

22. Organic Warmth: If you loaded up on Pantone’s color pick last year, Rose Quartz, don’t worry. It’s still every bit on trend and makes for a stunning bedroom enhancement. Pair it with organic materials for a rich look that’ll let you slip peacefully into dreamland. (via Honestly WTF)

Dusty Rose 3

23. Peach + Pink: As it turns out, pale peach and dusty rose are the most perfect pairing. Mix in some of the lovely gray we just mentioned, and the result will be a cozy and oh-so-chic look. (via Rebecca Judd Loves)

Dusty Rose 2

24. Furniture Fun: When considering furniture, don’t count out this neutral with a contemporary twist to add magic to nearly any piece of furniture you put it on. (Lark & Linen)

Dusky Blue

Dusky Blue

25. Bedroom Blues: We can’t have all these cool colors without throwing some deep blue into the mix. Pair it with coral for an unexpected color combo that’ll take your boudoir to the next level. (via Benjamin Moore)

Dusky Blue 3

26. Blue + Gray: One thing that makes these color trends so special is how beautifully they work with one another. Play with blues and grays for a cool look that’ll help you de-stress after a long day. (via Elle Decor)

Dusky Blue 2

27. Pink + Blue: Seriously, these color picks do all the hard work for us. Dusty rose is another trending color that’ll make dusky blue pop in the very best of ways. (via The Lifestyle Editor)

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