If you鈥檝e noticed an increase in swoon-inducing bathroom designs popping up during your morning Instagram scroll lately, it鈥檚 not just in your head. HomeAdvisor鈥檚 annual True Cost Report for 2018 found that, as far as homeowning millennials are concerned, luxe bathrooms have displaced chef-worthy kitchen remodels as the top priority of this generation. Why, you ask? Brad Hunter, Chief Economist at HomeAdvisor, breaks it down for us below.

鈥淭he reason is simple,鈥 notes Hunter in the report. 鈥淢ost millennials have had to compromise on the size and condition of their starter homes, with many purchasing older homes in need of repair just to be able to afford homeownership. Many of the millennials who did buy a home in the last few years are seeking to upgrade.鈥 But whereas past generations might have focused their home improvement projects on the kitchen, millennials are taking a slightly different tack. Call it an effect of the 鈥渟elf-care鈥 phenom, or just this generation鈥檚 desire to have a polished, zen space to zone out in, but the bathroom is the top priority. According to the report, millennials are 鈥渕ore likely than any other generation to remodel any part of their homes鈥 (there鈥檚 that DIY spirit in action!), and they鈥檙e 鈥渢wice as likely as baby boomers to complete a bathroom remodel.鈥

What does a bathroom remodel entail? The report specifically notes 鈥渦pgraded flooring, cabinets, creative lighting, shower doors/enclosures and tile鈥 as the main projects, so it鈥檚 a little more substantial than the round mirror additions and pegboard storage solutions we鈥檝e been seeing. But there鈥檚 room for more emotionally driven updates too. The report mentions 鈥渓uxury touches like multiple shower heads and built-in audio speakers鈥 as popular bathroom additions 鈥渇or extra entertainment and enhanced relaxation.鈥

As far as style goes, HomeAdvisor Home Expert Dan DiClerico tells Brit + Co that millennials are still loving that minimalist look. 鈥淢illennials are going for the clean, minimal look in the bathroom. I think this is a reaction to the more traditional bathrooms they grew up [with] in their parents鈥 home. Those richer, more complicated bathrooms cost a lot to create, and many of the millennials we spoke to say they don鈥檛 have a lot of money to burn,鈥 he says. That being said, high-tech updates are also trending. 鈥淪mart home technology, in particular, is popular with millennials, who are the first generation of digital natives to be owning and improving their homes,鈥 says DiClerico. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e used to controlling cameras and doorbells and appliances on their phones. The expectation is they can now do the same with the shower, turning the water on and setting the temperature from an app on their phone, or even through the voice-controlled smart speaker on the bedside table.鈥

In spite of these indulgent updates, millennials are still doing their remodels on the cheap. 鈥淥ver the next 12 months, millennials envision spending an average of $1,896 on bathroom work, while other generations plan to spend around $500 to $1,000 more,鈥 according to the report. Frugal, DIY-minded, and ready for some self-slash-home-improvement? Certainly sounds like the millennials we know.

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