Hooters is opening a restaurant with male servers! Yep, you read that right. The franchise known for, um, well, their female employees鈥 physical assets (yeah, okay, their boobs), is ready to launch a location that will hire men to bring us a bounty of beer and wings. However, this Hooters restaurant won鈥檛 be what you think.


First of all, the restaurant set to open outside of Chicago in February won鈥檛 be called Hooters at all. This new offshoot of the (in)famous brand will be called Hoots. Granted, it doesn鈥檛 really makes sense to call a restaurant Hooters if you鈥檙e not focusing on, ya know, the hooters.

Secondly, it will feature male AND female servers. However, if you鈥檙e getting excited for a smorgasbord of barely clothed babes of both sexes, read on.


Third, and most shocking, Hoots鈥 servers won鈥檛 be wearing those tight tank-tops and bod-clinging bright orange shorts. Both male and female servers will be wearing t-shirts as uniforms, so this just may be the Hooters of the future. For those who love Hooters for what it鈥檚 known for, this may not be the news you wanted to hear 鈥 but it sounds like they鈥檒l still have the wings they鈥檙e also known for, so not all is lost.

Hooters _ Trump

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(h/t Elite Daily; photos via Astrid Stawiarz + Raymond Boyd + Nick Valinote/Getty)