Technology takes a lot of heat these days, and in some cases, it’s well-deserved. Our reliance on our phones has certainly been known to distract us from spending QT with our loved ones or from being fully engaged at work. With a whole world of socializing at our fingertips in the form of our devices, it can definitely be a challenge to remain present at any given moment. But that doesn’t mean that technology can only be bad for our relationships. Like most things, when used correctly, tech and social media can actually be beneficial… Even in our love lives. The experts at Gismart offer five specific ways that you can use all of these new resources to get closer to the one who gives you heart eyes. Keep scrolling for their ideas, then prepare to feel the love.

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1. Be mindful of bae’s likes and follows. We know that you’re spending a good portion of your screen time browsing various social media platforms — and if your significant other frequents the same platforms as you, you might as well get more tuned in to their activity there. Pay a little more attention to your partner’s likes and follows. Are they suddenly a huge fan of a particular lifestyle expert who shares recipes or home decor tips that you can emulate for your S.O.’s benefit? Are they taking to Pinterest with a vengeance, creating boards full of DIY projects? If so, why not pick up some of the supplies as a surprise and suggest that you work on something together?

2. Pick up a new skill. Gone are the days when the only way to learn something new as an adult was to sign up for an expensive IRL class. It’s 2018, friends, and there are plenty of opportunities to become an expert in a once-unknown field by simply picking up your phone or tablet. Find a language-learning app that you and your S.O. can download together in advance of that big European vacation you’ve been dreaming of, or try WeDrum or Piano if you’ve both always had musical ambitions. Set aside a specific time every week to sit with your partner across the table or on the couch and work with the app. You can support each other in the learning process and show off your new skills to one another too!

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3. Put your reminder app to romantic use. More often than not, you probably use the reminder or alarm platforms on your devices as a way to stay on track with work assignments or can’t-miss deadlines — and that’s great! But who said they can’t be just as useful in your personal life? Make a habit of setting reminders or alarms in the middle of the day as the nudge you need to send your special someone a “random” text or email. Your S.O. will feel special, and you’ll develop a healthier relationship with the apps that usually stress you out.

4. Create a screenshot folder. When you’re in the thick of an argument with your partner, we totally understand that it can be hard to remember all of the reasons that you fell in love with them in the first place. Your phone can help! Create a subfolder wherever you keep photos designed exclusively as storage for screenshots of swoon-worthy texts, social media messages, or emails from bae. Next time you’re struggling to find common ground, you can visit that folder and fall in love — or at least in like — with them all over again.

5. Host a game night. We love an old school board game as much as the next person, but technology offers many ways to get more interactive with games. There are plenty of standbys that you’re probably already familiar with (Heads Up!, Words With Friends, and the like), but you might also want to check out higher-energy party games like the Karaoke app. Grab your phone or tablet, invite some other friends to the scene, and let loose for a night of singing and silliness. After all, is there anything more fun than a few hours of acting like a total goof with your other half?

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