It鈥檚 often said that weddings are a great place to meet potential partners: After all, you鈥檙e in a great mood, wearing an amazing outfit, and surrounded by people who love the same people you do (the couple!). With all the feelings in the air, it鈥檚 hard not to think about finding some love for yourself. And while the flirting game at weddings can be fun and effective, it鈥檚 also important to avoid a wedding faux pas by taking your attention away from the main event. Check out these five tips to make sure you balance your time accordingly.

A man and two women take a selfie together at a wedding reception

1. Focus on the wedding first. You were specifically chosen to attend the couple鈥檚 big day because you鈥檙e important in some way to them. Especially if you鈥檙e in the wedding party, remember to focus your attention on the ceremony and celebration themselves instead of scoping the crowd for hotties to hit on.

2. Be wary of interpersonal connections. If you do end up talking to someone, make sure you quickly get context for who they are lest you end up chatting up someone you shouldn鈥檛. Weddings are full of family, old and new friends, and colleagues, so it鈥檚 best to know who you鈥檙e talking to, rather than realize too late that you were flirting with your BFF鈥檚 boss.

3. Set some boundaries ahead of time. Before the wedding, take a minute to think about what you want out of the experience beforehand. Since so many weddings are in places outside your hometown, it鈥檚 especially pertinent to consider your emotional and physical boundaries before you鈥檙e getting swept up in the moment.

4. Make it a group thing. Flirting doesn鈥檛 necessarily mean hiding in a corner all night! Chances are you鈥檒l be with a bunch of your besties, so why not make it a group thing? If someone catches your eye, you can still get to know them and, to a certain extent, express your interest in them even when you鈥檙e with a group. By alleviating alone time, you鈥檒l also ensure that you鈥檙e still being an active participant in the events of the day.

5. Don鈥檛 have expectations beforehand. No matter whose wedding you鈥檙e attending, your main goal in being there shouldn鈥檛 be to flirt. Sure, talking to someone interesting is fun, but keeping your expectations in check ahead of time will steer your intentions for the event and make sure you鈥檙e not let down if seeking love is on your agenda.

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