If you’re waiting on the weather to warm up to get your greenery going, consider taking the party inside. Indoor gardens are the latest trend taking over our social feeds that *conveniently* work well for those living in four-season climates (or who have tiny urban living spaces!). Yelp Home Editor Lauren Makk knows what it takes to create your own conservatory-style space, and we got her tips on how to create your own garden room — starting with the basics. Scroll down to get the details.

Indoor Gardening

It makes nothing but sense that more and more people are making plants part of their decor. Not only are they beneficial for air quality, but “there’s nothing like a little greenery to lift your spirits and remind you that spring is right around the corner,” Makk says. Of course, there are a few rules to follow before taking your favorite figs inside. “Before you pursue your garden dreams, know the rooms of your home,” Makk instructs. “Plants need sunlight, so pick a room or window that gets natural light. And be mindful of your heating vents and air conditioners, as they can impact the temperature of the room: Plants that are too hot, too cold, or too dry won’t grow.”

The Yelp editor has a few tips for renters and other dwellers who don’t have much control over their living spaces. First, go with a grow light in areas with low lighting to give your herbs the boost of sun they need. Secondly, if square footage is an issue, “consider investing in hanging baskets with evergreen clippings, branches of witch hazel, or crabapple to add color to an indoor garden and maximize your space,” Makk says.

Indoor Garden

The type of plant you choose is also critically important. “Aloe plants are a great choice for bringing indoors. Not only do they look great but the leaves are great to have on hand whenever you get a cut,” Makk says. Other great options include orchids, African violets, and spider plants. Also good to know for any chefs-in-training (or those who appreciate a good meal), herbs like parsley, mint, and rosemary thrive inside year-round.

And if you’re thinking that gardening just isn’t your thing, the editor advises you to reconsider. There is, after all, a plant out there for every type of skillset. It’s just a matter of finding which one to start exercising your green thumb. “Take the time to educate yourself about gardening and design. Take a workshop, do some online research, or find your local flower shop on Yelp so that you feel prepared and confident before growing your garden,” she says.

Consider this your cue to recruit your girlfriends and head to your local nursery store to get some plant inspo you can put into action before the warm weather starts. Happy gardening!

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