We have DIYed the neverending trend that is beach waves and have mastered the celeb favorite glamour waves, but the new kid on the block — aka the barely-there waves spotted all over the red carpet this week — is the best news ever. This lazy gal hairstyle will have you out the door in minutes. Snooze button pushers, this tutorial is your new best friend!


Step 1: Tease For Volume


Take thin sections of your hair and use a rattail comb to tease the roots up to the midshaft for a natural-looking, voluminous foundation.

Step 2: Put Half Up


This step is purely to get your hair out of the way so you can be more efficient. You can put your hair up with any type of clip that won’t leave a dent in your hair. We are using a duck bill clip on Kathryn.

Step 3: Prep, Prep, Prep!


You really want to use a setting spray to make sure these barely-there waves don’t disappear. My go-to is Kenra Platinum Hot Spray ($16) — it will hold your curls but still leave your hair totally touchable!

Step 4: Curl Big Sections


Curl the hair away from your face using a 2-inch curling wand to keep your waves from later falling into your face and so you have better movement. (Side note: Normally we want to take smaller sections of hair to make sure we can get tighter, more playful curls. In this case, taking larger sections of hair and not starting at the root will help you get that more relaxed, natural look.)

Here is a check-in image to see what your hair should look like when you are done with the lower section:


Step 5: Complete The Top


Pull down the top section and repeat the same curling pattern in larger sections.

Step 6: Loosen Up


Using your fingers, comb out the curls and shake your hands around in your hair to loosen and relax your curls.


From the leading ladies on the red carpet to your ‘do in a matter of minutes! Thank goodness for any new hair trend that keeps our primping time minimal and the results raveworthy all in one <3

What other A-list looks would you like to see hacked so you can rock them in your world? Share in the comments below and we can make it happen!!

(Photos via Dimitrios Kambouris/Rick Diamond/Getty)