There’s no denying the fact that we all love to be plugged in. Seriously, there is nothing more panic-inducing than “low power mode” popping up halfway through a Netflix original. But just because we’re constantly plugged in doesn’t mean we can’t be civilized about it. Whether you want your home office to be a little more zen and a little less tangled or your media center wiring is getting out of control, here are nine clever ways to hide or disguise those awful chargers and power cords. Well, once you get them untangled, of course.

1. Make Art: If you can’t hide them, embrace them. Or something like that. If you’ve got a really long cord that refuses to be hidden, turn it into wall art and literally stick it to the wall in the shape of a skyline, cool geometric design or maybe even some lettering. (via Small Design Ideas)

2. Tape It: You’ll finally get that minimal workspace you’re craving once you get those cords off the floor. Packing tape will stick to anything and is a great option for taping cords behind furniture legs. Sneaky, sneaky. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Bathroom Storage: Nothing clutters up a bathroom counter faster than a maze of tangled blow drier and curling iron cords. Save your sanity by adding an adjustable drawer with outlets to your bathroom vanity. With a roll-out drawer, you can close the door without unplugging everything every time. (via Hunted Interior)

4. DIY Panel Storage: Everyone loves the look of an open desk, but no one loves the look of all the cords hanging behind it. DIY a panel storage space that allows you to hide all those cords and keep your workspace uber organized. Bonus: That added pattern and color will help define the area around your workspace, which totally makes you more productive. (via Houzz)

5. DIY Console Curtain: If you have an open desk, media stand or even a terrarium stand, there are bound to be some messy cords hanging down. Take the focus away from the cords by adding a piece of fabric to the back of the stand and, ta da — instantly gone. (via One Good Thing by Jillee)

6. DIY Beaded Extension Cord: If you are unlucky enough to live in an apartment that has one outlet for an entire room (what were they thinking??), chances are you’re living the extension cord life. Make those cords slightly more pleasing to look at by turning them into an adorable wooden bead cord. (via Remodelista)

7. DIY Charging Station: No one has to know what goes on behind closed doors. Open the box to charge your many devices, and when you’re at 100% (or however charged you need to be to get your Netflix fix) close it back up to hide all the wires. (via Martha Stewart)

8. Desktop Cord Organizers: Raise your hand if you’re always digging through piles of projects trying to find your phone charger. Oh, and you’re sitting on it. Keep those mutinous little cords in line by using binder clips to hold them onto the edge of your desk. Feel like getting fancy? Add a little washi tape or nail polish polka dots to jazz things up a bit. (via Lushome)

9. Media Center Storage: When the cord situation behind your TV is more complicated than the plot of the last movie you watched, you know it’s time to tidy up. Build a wood panel around the TV to draw the eye while hiding unsightly wires. Just make sure to make one panel removable to allow for easy access. (via House Tweaking)

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