The days (well, nights) of candle-lighting for Hanukkah are HERE. No menorah? No problem. If your family doesn’t have a special one they use each year, get out your tools and follow along to make a gorgeous minimalist copper menorah!


Materials and Tools:

– 18 x 4-inch piece of wood

– candles

– ruler

– copper spray paint

– copper piping (9 small pipes that will fit your candles and 1 slightly larger pipe that will go in the center of the menorah)

– hot glue gun*

– pencil

*the hot glue didn’t actually work too well in the end. We recommend super glue instead.


Get your tools and let’s get to it.


Start by painting your wood board with copper spray paint. Add as many layers as you need to really give it a copper shine. Next, measure and mark the middle of the board. Then add a tick at every inch to help you adhere your piping evenly.


Set out your pipes starting with the one in the middle, then add the ones on each end and finally fill the spaces between. Adhere your pipes with super glue — we learned the hard way that hot glue peels off pipes.


Lastly, add the larger copper pipe to the center of your menorah.


We love how modern this menorah looks.

Have you made a menorah before? Share your pics with us using the hashtags #britstagram and #iamcreative.

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Brittany Griffin