It’s no secret that copper home accessories are trending in a BIG way. And there is definitely a reason why the design world has fallen in love with that rosy glow: Copper has that timeless look and goes great with the bright neons and pastels of summer, but then effortlessly mixes with the reds and oranges of fall decor without skipping a beat. So whether you’re looking for some affordable coffee table pieces, a statement-making teapot or an easy DIY project, here are 25 glam new ways to add a little bit of copper into every room in the house.

1. Copper Coffee Collection ($30- $60): It’s official, we’re in L-O-V-E. Make your morning coffee ritual extra special with a copper french press and mini milk container to match.

2. Copper Top Flatware ($78): Goodbye silverware, hello copper flatware. How is this not in our kitchen already?

3. DIY Lucite and Copper Table: You might not think your living room needs an extra side table, but this one is too stylish to pass up. And it’s the perfect size for tucking next to your favorite chair and creating a little reading nook for that reading list you have going. (via Brit + Co)

4. Copper Kettle ($180): Afternoon tea, anyone? You might just find a whole new reason to love tea (or even learn how to make your own tea) with this stylish little piece sitting on your stove.

5. Copper Candlesticks ($5): Everyone needs a candlelit dinner every now and then. The wire design of these candles gives a fun, modern twist to an otherwise formal home accessory.

6. Wire Display Shelf ($89): When you have a desk or home office the size of a closet, it’s time to go vertical. Take advantage of the wall above your desk to mount some storage for books, craft supplies and notepads.

7. Leather Air Plant Holder ($35): If you didn’t already know, air plants are the new succulents. This modern, simple and clean air plant holder is a fantastic addition to any home that doesn’t have space for many potted plants. Air plants are not included, so you get to go out and find yourself some new spiky friends.

8. Copper Clothes Hanger ($110): This mini “closet” hanger is perfect for small spaces or for apartments that don’t have a closet in every room.

9. Copper Bowl ($7): You’ll probably want to pick up a couple of these, because you’ll want to use them for *everything*. They’ll work for everything from ice cream sundaes to jewelry storage.

10. Copper Band Cocktail Glasses ($56): This multipurpose glass can be both a champagne flute and a clever alternative to typical cocktail glassware. Use them for everything from an Albermarle Fizz to Zorro’s Revenge. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

11. West Elm Copper Oil + Vinegar Set ($39): With copper-finished pour tops and a stylish mini tray to catch any drips, this set is definitely pretty enough to leave out on the counter or table.

12. Copper Candle ($6): The warm copper tones of this candle set the mood even when the candle isn’t lit. Pick and choose some great seasonal scents and set up a candle vignette on your coffee table to really get the room glowing.

13. DIY Copper and Concrete Lamp: No one will believe you when you tell them you made this lamp yourself. Combining two trendy materials — copper and concrete — this little desk lamp is one of the coolest (and easiest) projects ever. (via Brit + Co)

14. Copper Trim Cutting Board ($89): We do love the elegance of these cutting boards, but we have a sneaking suspicion you could DIY that copper-dipped look with some paint and a cutting board you already own.

15. Moscow Mule Set ($68): Spruce up your home bar with some copper touches like these Moscow mule cups. Mojito anyone?

16. Metal Hoop Light: Why splurge on a cool pendant fixture when you can totally DIY one that’s just as chic for way less money? (via Brit + Co)

17. Copper-Plated Colander ($30-$58): From weekday pasta dinners to fresh salad ingredients, this glam colander gives all your food the royal treatment.

18. DIY Copper and Wood Paper Towel Holder: While a copper paper towel holder may not be a necessity, when it’s this simple, and the results are this lovely, we can’t say no. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

19. Wood and Copper Salt Cellar ($16): If you’re on a salted-everything kick, ditch the shakers and throw some fancy flaked salt into these chic canisters immediately.

20. DIY Copper Pour Over: We know mornings are hard and an automatic coffee pot is convenient, but pouring over is actually an easy way to have coffee that tastes amazing. Plus, which looks cooler on your counter: that big old pot or this elegant copper stand? (via Brit + Co)

21. Wren Metal Chair ($229): This industrial-looking chair gets a rad modern makeover with the copper finish. You could use this chair in any room, and if you want a more comfy perch, just toss one of our colorful pillows on top.

22. Copper Plant Hangers: Whether you’re in a tiny studio apartment or just don’t have the time to keep up with a little garden, air plants are the ideal way to get some life into your home with zero stress. They just hang out and clean your air and look awesome. What more could you ask for in a plant? (via Brit + Co)

23. Copper Serving Set ($35): This serving duo has a warm copper finish with nice big heads that help you grab every bit of your tasty salad. We think there is something about copper flatware that makes every meal seem incredibly special, don’t you agree?

24. Copper Alphabet Letter ($16): Spell out something lovely or motivational with a few letters, or just use the solid ampersand as a hip desk accessory.

25. Copper Beating Bowl ($88): Whisk up those seasonal goodies in some big mixing bowls with serious style. We might be a little nervous of that round base though. Anyone else a complete klutz in the kitchen?

Which of these copper accessories is your favorite? Tell us what you think in the comments below!