Foolproof Ways to Remove Every Type of Stain on Your Clothes

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Just like "literally," "I can't even," and "I'm over it" (or some combination of all three), the phrase "this is why we can't have nice things" has worked its way into common conversation — but it's also the reality of what happens when our high-quality items are stained, broken, or otherwise damaged. Nothing puts a damper on a retail high like the stomach-sinking sight of a glass of red wine or iced latte flipping over — seemingly in slow motion — onto a shirt or pair of jeans that you'd had your eye on for ages. There's no reason that the potential for stains should deter you from investing in the awesome new stuff that you deserve, though.Remedies exist for even the most annoying of fabric blemishes, and you probably have most of the supplies you need already sitting in your pantry! Scroll through for easy fixes to most of your stain woes. Your wardrobe and your wallet will be glad you did.

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