Unless you’re one of the lucky elite to have TSA Pre-Check, you have had to deal with the terrible security line anxiety of throwing all of your tech out of your suitcase and into a plastic bucket, then passing through an X-Ray machine as quickly as possible. But there are better ways to attack this problem! Here, we’ve followed the tips the TSA wish you would follow when packing for a trip (and check out our airport style essentials too, while you’re at it!).

2. Wrap your cords. When cords are left haphazard in your suitcase, they can look like something much more threatening on the X-Ray machines. Eliminate the need to have security go through your suitcase with their hands by wrapping everything up neatly.

3. Know your gadgets. Some things fare better in your checked luggage than your carry-on. Your laptop, for example, you should keep with you on the plane. For a full list of what’s good to go in each suitcase, check out the TSA’s list.

4. Get cozy with the TSA. If you absolutely hate having to take your laptop out of its case every time you pass through security, consider investing in a TSA-friendly case. These approved pouches can pass through security while still protecting your gadgets.

5. Keep your tech at arm’s length. If you’re carrying on your laptop, make sure it’s in an easy-to-reach pocket, since TSA requires you to take it out and place it in its own bin. The last thing you want is to be THAT person holding up the already winding security line. While you’re at it, keep your headphones and your phone in an easy-to-reach pocket for in-flight entertainment ;)

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