Carly Kuhn is nothing if not creative. As an artist and the founder of The Cartorialist, a popular art blog and e-commerce site, she has a great sense of style and knows what looks good. But when it came to decorating her loft in Larchmont, Los Angeles, she was having trouble conceptualizing the design and layout without seeing everything together. That’s when she turned to Hutch, a free interior design app (available on iTunes and Google Play) that helps you virtually decorate your space, and the results are swoon-worthy.

Kuhn says she liked using Hutch over a traditional interior designer because it gave her the tools she needed to customize it herself. “[It] allowed me to visualize how everything would look together in my space, which was helpful when figuring out an open-concept style apartment,” she says.

Instead of setting out with a specific intention in mind for her design, Kuhn simply started with the neutrals she loved and added other items to which she was naturally drawn. “I built upon the design very organically in order to give it more life,” she says. “When I sit down to draw, I don’t really plan things out; I just kind of go. I approach my home in a similar way, going off of my feelings about particular pieces and having it be an organic process of how it all comes together.”

The artist credits Hutch with how well it all turned out. “Hutch was amazing for helping me visualize how everything would look together, especially because there are so many ways I can set up my furniture within my large, open space. After completing the design of my space, I now feel like it’s a real adult home,” she says.

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(Photos via Hutch)