BIG news: I’m halfway through my #GiveItAWeek challenges. So, naturally I had to celebrate with an epic one for this week. The task? Setting my phone on airplane mode from dinner (8pm-ish) to breakfast (8am-ish). As a CEO and mom, you can imagine that sacrificing the bulk of my internet time was no easy feat. But, after an anxiety-ridden first few days, I found my rhythm and even discovered a few perks along the way. Yay! Check below to get the scoop on how I completely changed my relationship with my phone over the course of the seven days. Then, be sure to follow along with the rest of my #GiveItAWeek stories on Instagram: @brit.

TBH, my first 12-hour internet-less spree gave me some mixed feelings. On one hand, I had some undistracted time with my hubby (who also committed to the challenge — thanks Dave!), read a physical book, and even practiced some self-care (hello, Crest Whitestrips! Spoiler alert: they are amazing!). However, I experienced major phone FOMO and even some boredom along the way. But by day three, I finally found my groove with my new-found free time. During the day, I was more productive on my iPhone and plugged in where needed so I could wrap things up by the evening. Then, waking up and spending my mornings in a yoga sesh or snuggling with the little ones felt like pure bliss! Not to mention, not having to worry about the endless stream of text/email/social notifications was extra nice! ;)


Once Sunday hit, I turned to a credible source to see how I *really* fared for the seven days. I used the app, Moment, from my previous social media challenge to give me some insight. The verdict? I spent 10.5 hours less on my phone than the previous week — so crazy! While I LOVED the time I saved, there was a slew of other benefits that were just as huge for me. Things like better sleep, quality evenings and mornings with my kids and husband, and even time to start a show (I highly recommend Amy Poehler’s Making It, BTW) were great. Best of all, I didn’t fall behind at work and no one was mad that my emails came in during the morning instead of at night. (Who would’ve thought?!)

All things said, I’m planning on keeping this no internet thing up for a few more weeks, but with a few tweaks. Switching my schedule to a more manageable 9am to 7am with flexibility on the weekends is v. much needed.

If my journey has motivated you to get out there and cut back on your own mobile time, browse these handy tips for being more mindful with your phone. Or, follow and comment along with me in our new #GiveItAWeek Facebook group. See you there!

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