In the Instagram Age, beauty trends change faster than the speed of light. While you may have finally figured out contouring, makeup artists on Instagram and beyond have gone from strobing, basically using a heavier hand to highlight, to chroming. While the highlight given by strobing can be a little aggressive, chroming is meant to give you a more natural highlight. Now, I’m a big fan of makeup and am always down to try out a new beauty trend.


MAC’s Senior Artist Dominic Skinner is the creator of chroming, which, simply put, is highlighting with a frosty lipstick. I bought a tube of Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Lipstick in Champagne on Ice, a nice peachy lipstick with subtle shimmer and a great formula, at my local drugstore. This Revlon shade is a good dupe for the MAC x Mariah Carey All I Want lipstick that Skinner used.


I was moderating a panel for International Women’s Day at a bookstore so I decided to try chroming with my evening look to see how the stage lights reflected the lipstick-as-highlighter. I did my makeup as usual, including blush, but instead of using my usual highlighter I used the lipstick, applying it to my forehead, the bridge of my nose, my chin and along my cheekbones. I was a little reluctant to put lipstick on my face because I try generally to avoid shine but the Revlon lippy gave me a very subtle, dewy highlight that picked up the light nicely. Strobing on the other hand, which I’d tried before, seemed a little too muted for night time and didn’t seem to react well with my blush, making it look a little chalky.


Next, I went for an everyday makeup look. This time, I skipped the blush and applied the lipstick to my brow bone, temples and cheekbones.Here’s the same look in daylight so you can see how versatile it really is.


The lipstick was perfect and gave me a nice subtle highlight, perfect for work, coffee shop dates and running errands. I’m excited to try this out in the summer with nothing more than some light powder.

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(Additional photo via @dominic_mua)