This Couple’s Real-Life Frozen Wedding Will Make You JEALZ
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This Couple’s Real-Life Frozen Wedding Will Make You JEALZ

Venturing out on your big day without a wedding party in tow may seem unconventional to some, but weddings are a perfect time to get personal. For some couples, that means shutting out the world to create a magical space just for them. Lifestyle Blogger, Christina and her beau Patrick jetted off to Iceland on their romantic adventure for a party of two. Their wedding pictures prove that the most meaningful moments of your day might just be the ones shared with no one else.

Their dream wedding took place on the Reykjanes Peninsula in a spectacular fashion amidst lava caves and geothermal vents. The scenery had them looking like well-dressed mystical figures wandering sea cliffs with dreamy views that stretch onward and out. When Christina spoke of their big day, she said, “We tried to make it through the day with no hesitation… we just let things happen and enjoyed being together.”

The bride and groom originally planned to elope, but instead chose to have a small ceremony with their families before heading off to Iceland the next day. The venue was the perfect place to finish “getting married with a more ‘intimate’ exchange of vows… [and] keep that moment for them.”

For the vows, Christina and Patrick chose to write them in Moleskin notebooks. Christina wanted to use something they could keep to draw and write in. And once it came time to declare their love, Christina describes the scene as something magical: “For the first time all day the wind quieted down and it was calm. We read our vows to one another and cried and hugged. Having that moment be just ours is something we’ll never forget.”

Nordic Photography captured that singular moment against the rustic backdrop of Reykjanes’ mossy lava field.

Finding a photographer whose vision matched the idea they’d imagined for their big day played a huge part in helping them complete their story. “Patrick and I both have a background in photography, so finding someone with the aesthetic we wanted took some time. It was serendipitous that Cole had a layover in Iceland when we were planning our trip,” says Christina. “Cole had done massive amounts of research on the places he wanted to take us, and it ended up being one of the most exciting days we had while in Iceland.”

Their advice for couples planning their big day: “Don’t let anyone try to steer you towards their idea of what a wedding should be – a wedding can be whatever you want as long as you’re together.” Thanks for the words of wisdom and congrats Christina and Patrick!

What moments made your big day special? We’re declaring the comment section below a gush-safe zone.

Wedding Dress: Catherine Dress from our in-house line The Lovely One from Lovely Philadelphia

Photographer: Nordica Photography

Venue: Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland

Custom engagement ring and wedding bandsConcrete Polish Jewels by Angela Monaco

Alterations: Toile Custom Atelier

Hair and MakeupNína Kristjánsdóttir

Bespoke suit, tie and cufflinks: Commonwealth Proper