In the spirit of the holidays (which are a-comin’, don’t you forget it) this week we are featuring five apps that are like little packages you get to unwrap early, no tree or dreidel spin required. Heck, one of them even lets you SEND gifts of the greeting variety straight from it, another is connected to our must-have gift of the year and yet another will help you do something that’s in season all year ’round: give back.

1. Congrats: Just in time for the season of giving (and my Grandma’s birthday) this company is trying to save the trees and encourage folks to send video greeting cards instead. As long as they can get my G-ma a smartphone by… tomorrow AM and teach her how to use it, this concept REALLY works for me.

Cost: Free on iOS

2. Drop Kitchen: If you’ve been following along, we’re huge fangirls (and boys and women and men, possibly even fandogs) of Drop, the smart baking scale that promises to make a pastry chef outta you yet. We’ve been anticipating the gadget’s release like we’ve been waiting for that next 50 Shades trailer and it’s finally here! Both of those things, actually… We can’t wait to take this app into the kitchen ASAP. Holiday baking spree with a high IQ, anyone?

Cost: Free on iOS and shop Drop in our Shop here!!

3. Rudder: This app is simple but could be a lifesaver if you have a decision to make and need a friend group to weigh in on the answer. Pose multiple choice questions, rankings and ratings to a group of contacts and have them vote, rank and MAKE A DARN DECISION ALREADY. We’ve seen this idea before but since the woman typing this out to you right this very sec has FOUR friends in town for the weekend, I have a whole new appreciation for an app that could help us agree on what to do today.

Cost: Free on iOS

4. iCuckoo Charity Alarm Clock: Oh, this is a good one. When this alarm clock app tries to do its job of nudging you awake in the AM, you have two options. You can get up OR you can press snooze. But when you press snooze, you donate to a charity of your choice. Genius. As a chronic snooze button pusher, I CAN RELATE to the inspo for this app. Also, it’s beautiful. And a well-designed great idea is an even better one.

Cost: Free on iOS

5. Shhhh: At brunch with your besties or arriving home to get QT with your boo after a marathon day of work? This app understands where you are and tells your notifications to shush when it knows you should be enjoying less screen time and more you/face time. Using your location, it understands when you need to connect IRL and gives you the space to do it, applying the tech we see on so many smart home innovations into a gorgeous app meant to make you unplug.

Cost: Sigh. This one’s just a concept for now. Stay tuned to see if it becomes a real deal.

What was your favorite app of the week? Share with us below!