As summer ends, we start finding ourselves indoors more often, preferably with something pumpkin-spice related and a good craft project. Summer was all about perking up our outdoor spaces, but fall has us back inside and scrutinizing every IKEA object we own. Whether you’re swapping out your cocktail tray for a hot drink bar or you want to DIY a side table to create a reading nook, these 13 hacks will have your home looking fall ready in no time.

1. Cozy Seating: Fall makes us want all-cozy-everything, including our dining seating. Buy a few inexpensive sheepskin rugs and cut them into new cushions to bring Nordic vibes to your dining room. (via Frk Hansen)

2. Mini Jewelry Dish: Make this ceramic look-alike speckled jewelry dish with IKEA coasters and some paint. These look way more expensive than they actually are. (via Enthralling Gumption)

3. Drink Tray: Fall is one of the best seasons for hot drinks — hello, pumpkin spice everything. Learn how to make a minimalist, heat-resistant trivet tray using an IKEA basic, glue and rope. Now if we could just find a tea set that cool. (via Dream Green DIY)

4. Scandi Stand: Organize your clutter with this three-tiered stand that definitely has enough room for all your trinkets. Put it in the kitchen to store spices or use it on your vanity to store perfume and jewelry. (via Curbly)

5. Bookshelf Decor: Time to beautify those plain white IKEA bookcases into a fun spot that shows off your fall reading list in style. (via A Prudent Life)

6. Pencil Holder: Even if you didn’t go back to school this fall, a new season definitely warrants some spiffy desk accessories. Add pop of color to your stationery box with this quick hack and then fill it up with some colorful DIY pencils. (via Passion Shake)

7. Copper End Table: This super-easy project uses a tray from IKEA and a vintage camping stool. Stay on trend by painting the tray copper and set up a mini reading nook to enjoy during the cold months ahead. (via Poppy Talk)

8. Air Plant Rack: Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to quit your garden. Follow this simple DIY ikea hack to create a hanging rail for your air plants and bring life to your bathroom or office. (via Gathered Cheer)

9. Mug Rack: This is one of those ridiculously simple IKEA hacks, only requiring a coat of gold paint. Line those mugs up for your hot cocoa adventures. (via Swoonworthy)

10. Play Kitchen Makeover: Summer weather is gone, so those little ones are going to be spending a lot more time inside. Keep them preoccupied with a mini kitchen of their own. (via Visual Vocabularie)

11. Knotted Lamp Cord: Pendant lights are trendy, but sometimes that dangling wire can be distracting. Cover it up with a cool rope cover that adds character to your breakfast nook. (via Design Sponge)

12. Leaf Embroidered Pillow: Have you taken those summer throw pillows off your couch yet? Maybe it’s time to add some fall decor to your favorite napping spot with this IKEA pillow hack. (via The Golden Sycamore)

13. Colored Lanterns: Halloween shouldn’t be the only time to decorate your outdoor space. Give your porch some theatrical lighting all season long by coloring the glass in the IKEA lanterns. (via IKEA Hackers)

What home decor projects are you tackling this fall? Talk to us in the comments below!