If you’re addicted to IKEA’s signature contemporary, modern look, then you’re going to love the VIKTIGT collection. This latest collection is much more in line with IKEA’s usual aesthetic, but with a handmade touch that makes it feel extra special. The entire collab was designed by Ingegerd Råman – one of Scandinavia’s most famous ceramic and glass designers. You’ll find everything here from glassware to ceramic and natural fibers like bamboo and rattan. The bad news is that everything available in May is limited edition, but the good news is that the collection’s basics are practically perfect for IKEA hacking. See below for a few of our faves.


1. DIY Painted Basket: Get organized in style by hacking IKEA’s VIKTIGT rattan laundry basket ($25) with a summer-inspired color palette and a couple of pom poms for good measure. You’ll want to use these pretty baskets for everything from an outdoor picnic to a unique housewarming gift. (via Tell Love and Party)


2. DIY Ombre Glassware: If your glassware game is feeling a little monochromatic, pick up a set of IKEA’s VIKTIGT pitchers ($10) and spruce them up with a bold ombre paint job. The low price point means you can play around with crazy colors and not feel the slightest bit guilty. (via Studio DIY)


3. DIY Seagrass Hanging Planters: Plant lady *is* the new cat lady, so you’ll want to hang all your succulents and air plants in these simple hanging planters ($25). Leave them as-is or dip them in paint for a bold, colorful vibe. (via Burkatron)


4. DIY Wood Burnt Cutting Board: Pick up the VIKTIGT bamboo chopping board ($17) and decorate it with different wood burning techniques for a totally one-of-a-kind piece in your kitchen. You’ll have the prettiest cheese board ever with these easy hack — and just in time for a summer soiree! (via Brit + Co)


5. DIY Kilim Style Pitcher: Give your fresh flowers the prettiest home ever with a kilim patterned pitcher. Pick up a modern container like IKEA’s VIKTIGT clear pitcher ($10) and give it a total makeover with tissue paper and Mod Podge. It’s easier to fix mistakes than paint and it will last longer too. A win-win! (via Earnest Home Co.)


6. DIY Wrapped Rope Container: Use embroidery thread to take any basket to a new level of adorable. Get inspired by the patterns on IKEA’s VIKTIGT basket ($25), and then make your own geometric designs on storage baskets you’ve made or already have sitting around the house. (via Damask Love)


7. DIY Indoor Succulent Planter: As nice as it is to have lots of indoor plants, sometimes it’s hard to find the floor space required — #smallspaceproblems, right?! Use baskets like IKEA’s VIKTIGT bamboo dish ($15) or a tiered fruit basket to make a colorful planter you can keep right on your desk or windowsill. (via Brit + Co)

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