As someone who grew up on farm land in New Jersey and now lives in a room that’s 11 ft by 11 ft, I am slowly getting used to small space living. It wasn’t until I started living on my own in an apartment with roommates that I realized it’s hard to find space for indoor floor plants, let alone room for plants on shelves, which means there’s pretty much a guarantee you don’t have any space for an outdoor garden. With small spaces you need to be inventive, therefore we bring you a small space indoor garden hack!

We bought this $20 two-tier fruit basket from Target and turned it into our dream indoor succulent garden — perfect for that empty counter space you’ve been meaning to decorate. If you aren’t familiar with succulents, they are pretty much the perfect low-maintenance plant for any apartment dweller out there :)



— two-tier fruit basket

— fabric, ribbon, string scraps

— tons of succulents

— moss and Spanish moss

— soil



1. Weave your fabric scraps through the wire of the fruit basket. When weaving, follow the pattern under, over, under, over.

2. Line the basket with Spanish moss and then fill with succulents.

3. Fill in the empty spaces with soil and moss. Pack everything in very tightly.


I bought this jersey fabric and turned it into strips about two years ago (check out how we used them in this chandelier), and we are still getting use of the extras today! My PSA is to always have a random scraps craft bin. You never know when you’ll want a strip of jersey or four randomly colored pom-poms. Just don’t become a hoarder. (Trying to figure this balance out right now. I’ll get back to you on that one ;) Choose a color scheme and start weaving extra fabric, ribbon and rope scraps into the wires of the basket. Remember to follow the pattern — under, over, under, over.


Start at the base of the bowl and weave to the brim and then back down. Tie the ends together to hold the weaving in place.


About two hours later your fruit basket will look like this! We recommend weaving while watching something on Netflix ;)


Fill the edges of the bowl with Spanish moss, then start placing your bigger succulents in first, followed by the smaller succulents. Pour and pack in extra dirt to really hold everything in place.


Cover bare spots with moss to give your small space garden a magical feel.


For the top level we bought a succulent that will grow in vines and hang over the edge of the bowl. We added some extra flair with moss and, of course, a gold unicorn.


Dress up your desk with this small space indoor garden to help whisk you away into a magical jungle land.


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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Kurt Andre