8/25 Update: You can buy all the wireless charging IKEA furniture your heart desires here. Now that’s a smart home on a budget.

There’s constant talk of cutting the cord when it comes to cable, but the cry for wireless charging hasn’t been as loud. While we’ve been endlessly daydreaming of the day when tripping over cords isn’t a reality (and even taking matters into our own homemaker hands), companies have been a little slow when it comes to wireless charging in the home. All those cord worries are going out the window thanks to our fave DIY furniture brand, IKEA.

The Swedish company is partnering with Wireless Power Consortium to launch a variety of Qi-powered lamps (floor + table), desks and bedside tables to bring your home closer to a cord-free life while keeping all of your devices juiced up. After plugging any of the furniture pieces in, all you have to do is place your device on the charging circle and gaze at it powering up, no wires attached. Smart home, FTW.

The Qi system is the leader in wireless charging and will be bringing tons of battery concerned people the ability to get their electronics fully charged without the help of a cord. Before you go building this furniture though, make sure your devices are fully compatible with the system. No one likes a DIY fail ;)

We (and most likely you) are ready to build all of these pieces of furniture ASAP, but we’re all gonna have to wait a month as the products will be available in the US + Europe in April, reportedly beginning at $46. Budget + tech-friendly furniture? We really really really really really really like you, IKEA.

Will you be building IKEA’s wirelessly charging furniture next month? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Daily Dot, photos via Engadget)