For the last 15 years, residents in the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah (and guests at Katy Perry鈥檚 Golden Globes table), have collectively enjoyed In-N-Out鈥檚 simple-but-classic menu of burgers, fries, and shakes, the contents of which rarely 鈥 if ever 鈥 change. For 2018, however, the famous fast-food chain is switching things up in a big way with the addition of a brand new beverage that just might have some *extra* implications for the company.

According to the聽Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, the burger stop is now offering an 8oz. hot cocoa 鈥 the first of its kind 鈥 to customers for the low, low price of $1.60. Made with hot water instead of milk, the new drink also comes with mini marshmallows, which can requested on the side instead.

The outlet reports that it鈥檚 the chain鈥檚 first major menu change in more than 15 years, when it added lemonade.

Customers confirmed the appearance of the new treat, taking to social media to show off a brown and white cup decorated with palm trees and bearing the words, 鈥淗ot Cocoa.鈥

It鈥檚 unclear if the hot cocoa was a response to current colder temps 鈥 a customer in Monterey, California, noted that it was 鈥渇reezing cold鈥 when she ordered one 鈥 or an indicator of things to come鈥 like, say, an expansion of the chain to cold-weather areas?

In-N-Out did reveal plans to launch as many as 50 restaurants in Colorado back in November, though it鈥檚 estimated that the first ones won鈥檛 arrive for roughly three years.

Still鈥 fingers crossed that this hot cocoa signals just the beginning of a nationwide takeover!

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(Photos via Citizens of the Planet/UIG/Getty)