We have a major obsession with tattoos. We’re talking everything from the beautiful art we see on Pinterest to the minimalist designs and dainty floral ink . But we totally get why some people aren’t ready to commit to the permanence of tattoos. For those who want to take tattoos on a test drive, but want their designs to last longer than a day or two, now there’s Inkbox .

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To rock one of these rad temp tattoos, all you need to do is place an adhesive stencil where you want the tattoo. Fill it in with their safe, organic, fruit-based dye and let it dry for about two hours. Remove the stencil, wash the tattoo and give it about 12-48 hours to fully appear. Once visible, it’ll last for 12-15 days, giving you plenty of time to experiment with designs. Getting rid of these temp tattoos is as easy as exfoliating.

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Like real, permanent tattoos, these temps are designed by artists, but you can also order a custom design. Each tattoo is only $19. A portion of the proceeds go to help communities in Panama , where the dye is sourced from the Genipa Americana fruit.

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Inkbox’s Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its $15,000 goal and raised almost $150,000, proving that temp tattoos are an ingenious and lasting idea.

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(Photos via @inkboxtats )