If you’re a big fan of activities suited for sunshine or have warm-weather hobbies, winter’s frigid temps and frightful weather can be a major bummer. We wouldn’t judge if, by now, you’re basically in a dark hole full of comfort food and too much screen time (new Netflix!). But if you’re starting to lack inspiration, there are thankfully (phew) tons of fun things you can do to flex your creative muscles while staying all warm and cozy inside. You’ll love doing these eight indoor hobbies as you count down the days ‘til spring.

Woman preparing food in kitchen whilst reading recipe from smartphone

1. Stay inspired in the kitchen with weekly cooking challenges. There’s no better time to perfect a signature dish than when you’re trapped inside without much else to do! Have fun trying out the recipes you’ve pinned for months, but never got around to whipping up, or take advantage of extra down time to prep delicious meals for the week ahead.

If you’re already at home in the kitchen, stretch your skills by cooking a meal from a new theme once a week, like global-inspired dishes, meatless entrees and clean Whole30 recipes or by whipping up a meal or snack that uses a specific ingredient, like red wine (any excuse, right?), or a new kitchen gadget, like a spiralizer.

2. Kick ass with indoor workouts. Transitioning from your fave trail to a treadmill or the StairMaster is definitely not an easy mental switch to make. Whether you can’t get to the gym or are sick of the equipment you have at home, we’re big fans of tough workouts that require little more than your bod. If you love barre, you can try streaming free barre classes online (or from your fave studio). If you’re used to bootcamps, Tone It Up workouts top the list. SoulCycle addicts willing to make the investment will probably love Peleton bike too. Whatever your jam, see if you can find a way to keep the endorphins (and good vibes!) flowing.

woman meditating on bed

3. Get *really* good at “active recovery.” You don’t have to get sweaty to do something good for your body or mind. Active recovery, which encompasses restorative activities like stretching and foam rolling, is becoming trendy for a reason. Stream some YouTube vids and follow along. If you don’t feel like stretching your limbs or are looking for an extra element to deepen your healing practice, try meditation. Apps like Headspace are a perfect place to start and will easily guide you through your first sesh.

4. Learn a new language. Becoming bilingual may not have been on your list of New Year’s goals, but it can bring major benefits. Consider using an app like Duolingo to learn a few phrases in French, Italian or Spanish — you never know when they’ll come in handy. If you’re already planning a trip to one of the places on your 2017 bucket list, learning the local language will get you super psyched for your vacay.

DIY Nail Art Kit

5. Try your hand at nail art. Nail art is a cool way to glam up your look, but it can cost a pretty penny. Save some cash and entertain yourself on a cold afternoon by putting your carefully collected and curated polish collection to good use. If you’re not sure where to start, try an online class or scope out some of the amazing tutorials floating around the interwebs.

6. Banish writers block with some fun writing prompts. If you’ve wanted to write a bit more this year, but don’t know where to start, check out online writing prompts for inspo. Sites like ThinkWritten and Poets&Writers (esp great for amateur bards) have writing prompts to keep you busy all year, and take the struggle of choosing a topic out of the equation. Grab a journal, pen and some hot tea (okay, hot toddies allowed) and start expressing yourself on paper.

woman painting wall header

7. Learn the eye-pleasing skill you’ve always admired: hand lettering. Whether you have wedding invites or thank you cards to make or spied an inspirational quote you’d love to hand letter, there’s no better time to crack down on practicing your calligraphy than when you’re trapped inside. With classes dedicated to mastering the basics, chalk lettering and even water-brush lettering, there’s tons of variations to try!

8. Spruce up your home or wardrobe with a DIY decor project. Think you’re not creative or crafty? You might surprise yourself. Whether it’s giving your kitchen a fresh coat of paint or tackling an awesome, quick project like a knotty necklace, use wintertime to try a project you might not have made time for otherwise. Make it extra fun by inviting a few friends over for a snowy crafting soiree.

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