The summer sun makes it nearly impossible to drag yourself inside for the standard ClassPass sweat sesh. The beach (and a homemade mojito) are calling, after all. Great news, though: You can still get your heart rate up by doing things that are so fun, you won’t even notice you’re working out. Nope, you don’t need a fitness vacation to be re-inspired. All you need is your computer. We’ve rounded up seven YouTube vids to help you learn all of the ways you can stay active while having some fun with your friends this summer.


1. Beginner’s Guide to Rollerblading: Blading around in the summer sun is really fun and can be a killer workout. Hit the pavement on a warm day to catch some rays while putting your lower body to work. Believe it or not, the balancing act you have to do while blading burns a ton of calories and will call on your core, helping to strengthen those powerhouse muscles. (via


2. Beach Volleyball Rules and Lessons: Bored of sunning yourself on a beach or looking to get in a bit of exercise while on vacay? Play a bit of beach volleyball to sweat it out and have a blast. Watch this instructional vid to brush up on key rules and game basics, and you’ll be good to go in no time. (via Cindybeachdig)


3. How to Ride a Bike: Not much beats riding along the boardwalk on beach cruisers. Whether you’re a newbie or it’s just been a while, this quick vid will have you cycling along before you know it. Hit the hills or pedal faster to get your heart pumping. (via HowToBasic)


4. How to Stand Up Paddle Board: Stand Up Paddle Boarding or “SUP” is an awesome water sport that you can do on lakes, rivers and the ocean. Majorly popular for its ability to relax and energize, it also engages your obliques and arm muscles. This cool pick is perfect for days when your hammies and glutes are begging for a break. (via Runtastic Fitness)


5. Jump Rope Tutorial for Beginners: Now, this is how to do it: fresh air, vitamin D and some healthy cardio. Five to 10 minutes of jump roping outside will get your heart pumping. Compete with friends for even more fun. (via FitAppy)


How to Skateboard for Beginners: If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to skateboard, the time is NOW. Dry summer pavement is perfect for learning, and this vid effortlessly demonstrates the basics you’ll need to practice in a really easy-to-understand way. (via Braille Skateboarding)


7. The Best Surfing Popup Technique: Single handedly the best intro to surfing we’ve found on the web yet, this awesome watch explains everything you need to know as a beginner who once loved Blue Crush. From getting in the water to paddling and learning how to catch a wave, it’s all in this four-minute video. Your full-body workout awaits. (via Mazarine Aqua)

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