Believe it or not, white isn’t the only wall color that maximizes interior space and matches everything. Black can be just as versatile and inviting. While it may seem a bit bold, dark walls actually add a gorg contrast to your home and work as an A+ neutral for a dramatic space. Case in point? These 13 moody rooms that showcase how amazing this color truly is.

1. Moody Florals: Opting for a shadowy paint shade may sound depressing, but it’s totally the opposite. The jet backdrop paired with natural light and a lush floral headboard make this bedroom look like the most relaxing place on earth.

2. Inky Mantelscaping: Pitch-black can make a simple pattern come alive, and just like its lighter counterpart, you can pair it with anything. The painting, tile pattern, and neon light are all glowing against this shade.

3. Metallic Mix: The shadowy hues play extremely well here, with everything from golds and silvers to lush greenery and warm textures. And no matter the paint choice, a disco ball or two is always a good idea.

4. Maximalist Heaven: A deep base can offer up some amazing contrast with anything and everything. So if you’re looking to display all of your curios (and then some), this is def the shade for you.

5. Gallery Goals: Art always works against a jet-black backdrop. Pop some gold and silver frames in the mix and be prepared to see your collection make a bigger statement.

6. Boosting Texture: Don’t think that soft, boho-inspired textures only work with light colors. This laid-back look also works just as well with onyx. Go with natural textures with deep accents to make those pieces really pop.

7. Stormy Dining Room: White furniture tends to disappear in a stark area. An opaque wall helps these pieces stand out in a big way. Just be sure to add in some rich tones and sparkly metallics to balance everything out (unless you’re going for the Op Art look).

8. Neon Envy: You can bet that your brightest decor is going to shine against a pitch-black paint job.

9. Lush Jungle: We’re huge fans of a good indoor garden, and this gorgeous assortment really stands out in this inky-colored interior.

10: A+ Natural Light: Tons of windows and natural light make any home look fabulous. The relationship between the raven room and natural light make the jewel-toned rug and gorg pattern-mixing on the couch stand out.

11. Kitchen #Shelfies: Black paint isn’t just for a soothing bedroom. Adding a bit of ink to a high-traffic spot can create lovely-but-impactful separation, setting it apart from the rest of the home.

12. Maximize the Mantle: This moment is taking advantage of everything black has to offer, and we absolutely love it. Even a white room couldn’t get everything to pop like this!

13. Jewel Tones: While lighter paint tends to make you dwell over sticking to a color palette, opting for a shady color makes every decor hue appear striking and deliberate.

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