When it comes to lip colors, it’s hard not to fall in love with a bright, bold red shade — it’s the cherry on top of a perfectly sculpted look and brings a hint of sass to any outfit. But according to Instagram, there’s a makeup trend sweeping through the social media sphere that’s on the total opposite of the color spectrum, or actually, not a color at all. This less-is-more lip look is creeping more and more into selfies lately, showing women trading their pops of color makeup for skin tone #twinning shades or even — gasp — no ‘stick at all. See how these 12 Instababes ware these barely there lips and see just how pretty this lazy girl beauty move can be.


1. @michellekathryn: Michelle’s keeping it perfectly low key with a top knot, sculpted brows, retro glasses that compliment her eyes and little color elsewhere. (Photo via @michellekathryn)


2. @maryellenskye: Mary is cute as a button with her Shirley Temple curls and minimal lip makeup. Her va-va-voom lashes and thick cat-eye provide a perfect polish. (Photo via @maryellenskye)


3. @emily_luciano: Pink is the name of the game with Emily’s fashionable look. She is slaying it with hints of metallic hues, like her shimmery highlighter + rose gold everything, along with that matching pink pout. (Photo via @emily_luciano)


4. @asos_isabella: You can’t go wrong with Isabella’s #wokeuplikethis style. When you have a coat that speaks volumes, you really don’t need to wear a lot of makeup. Copy her look with lazy-girl waves, a peachy lip tint and comfy-cool sneakers. (Photo via @asos_isabella)


5. @jessicazwu: Meow, Jessica! While her lips (+ brows!) are super soft and subtle, her eyeliner is sharp and powerful. It’s an edgy contrast that deserves an A+. (Photo via @jessicazwu)


6. @thegreylayers: Jeanne is the epitome of structure and poise. She keeps it subtle with toned-down makeup and neutral duds, but goes all out with a dramatic, oversized silhouette and stick-straight hair. (@thegreylayers)


7. @eacatalano: With a shimmer of shadow and and peach cheaks, Elizabeth’s dewey look is to die for (along with those full brows). It’s subtle and sweet in all the right places. (Photo via @eacatalano)


8. @howdoyouwearthat: Cait knows how to play with her features. A hint of blush, a thick coat of mascara and a subtle shade on the lips is all you need to imitate this playful daytime look. (Photo via @howdoyouwearthat)


9. @missalissa: Look no further for the ultimate French-girl style inspo: This look is all Parisian everything with Alissa’s thick bangs, adorable bob, subtle tanned lips and — of course — a striped shirt. (Photo via @missalissa)


10. @_tianalewis: We love how Tiana not only considers what colors look good on her skin tone, but also what colors play nice with what she wears. Case in point: the soft pink lip shade + her giant emerald sweater. It’s an unexpected color contrast to try ASAP. (Photo via @_tianalewis)


11. @corinaesquivel: This is a classic busy girl beauty look. A swipe of gloss on your lips, a brush through the brows, a bandana to wrap up your second day hair and you’re good to go in under five minutes flat. (Photo via @corinaesquivel)


12. @kristina_bazan: Kristina might seem all business, but with a hint of bronzer and classic red nails, you really don’t need too much of anything else to kill it in this beauty game. (Photo via @kristina_bazan)

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