After launching a range of B+C videos about crave-worthy food, tiny spaces and the ultimate creative girlbosses, I’m excited to announce our latest reality series… Sparked! It’s time to get creative and get inspired.


This new series, starring yours truly (oh, hello there!), is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new. In each episode, I trade places with a creative professional of a different kind — from a pastry chef to a hairstylist to a farmer. Yes, a farmer. That really happened.


Filmed while 8+ months pregnant, I was forced to step into their jobs for the day and try my hardest to keep up. Let me tell you, this was no easy feat on a number of levels!


In one episode, I had to learn how to highlight a teen girl’s hair at Prep Cuts in San Francisco. I’m still in shock she trusted me with her locks. In another, I had to milk a goat, turn it into goat cheese, and then herd 50 chickens into their coup. What!?


I also got to have some fun in the kitchen — twice. With Chef Michael Mina, I learned how to properly prep and present a classic surf and turf dish. (Yep, I even had to kill a lobster. Sorry, buddy.) On a more indulgent note, I got to put on my pastry chef hat at SF-based bakery Craftsman and Wolves where I learned how to table chocolate and decorate a to-die-for cake.


My favorite task of the series was becoming an interior designer for the day. I got to design a kids room for an actual client! Hardest part? Toning down my love of all things colorful. But, by the end of the day, I realized that having creative constraints can breed a lot of new creativity and help you focus. I chalked that up to a win. ;)

I hope watching my experiences in Sparked will *spark* a flame or two inside of you to do the same. Tune in as I show you how easy it is to get over your fears and try something new. Happy binge watching!

What creative task outside of your comfort zone have you tried recently? Tweet me at @brit!