It’s been an interesting year for all things Apple, especially where the iPhone is concerned. We lost the headphone jack and got some new colors. And we’re already chomping at the bit for the iPhone 8! We are fully expecting Apple to pull out all the stops for its flagship phone’s 10th birthday celebration. With the rumor mill working overtime, we are super excited for 2017 (like we need another reason to say goodbye to 2016).

Upset woman with smartphone

It hasn’t all been good for Apple this year though. The iPhone 6S has been causing problems for a lot of users, particularly the ones who bought one manufactured in September or October 2015. If your 6S fits those criteria and has been experiencing unexpected shutdowns, your phone’s battery is eligible to be replaced by Apple — for free! If you already had to replace it because of shutdowns and your original phone was made in September/October 2015, Apple will refund you the cost of the replacement. Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon, because Apple can hardly stand to lose ground to Google right now!

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(h/t Engadget, photo via Dirima/Getty)