Recently, a natural makeup trend has been emerging in Hollywood, with everyone from Alicia Keys ditching a made-up face because she felt like she was losing herself, to Gwen Stefani showing a softer side on stage and off. And while red seems to be the standout聽summer hair color of choice for some of our fave celebs, could聽the latest hair trend actually be no color at all?


In a recent post on Man Repeller, Haley Nahman confesses to recently halting the dying process, first for monetary reasons, but then because the in-between look started growing on her. The 鈥渄ishwasher blonde鈥 look, as she calls it, is certainly more friendly on the bank account, but is it more of a trend fatigue than a new trend itself? 鈥淚 think the same generation of girls who were playing around with their hair five years ago are growing up and wanting to take their hair in a more natural direction,鈥 Roxie Darling, head colorist at聽Hairstory,聽told her.

So, whether or not it鈥檚 a trend yet, it鈥檚 certainly the easiest option for a no-fuss summer look! At the very least, you鈥檒l get a pretty rad looking 鈥渘atural鈥 ombre as you try growing it out.

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