Watch your back, Target, because J.Crew has kind of been killing it on the collaboration front this year. The classic, preppy-chic brand has teamed up with everyone from the 4-year-old Instagram sensation Mayhem to three of the most promising fashion designers residing stateside. As 2015 comes to a close, J.Crew is rounding out the year with yet another stunning line — this time with French illustrator Pierre Le-Tan.


Le-Tan is a cover artist for The New Yorker whose work is soft, simple and totally charming. Picture a grown-up version of your favorite children’s book illustrations.

The acclaimed illustrator has collaborated with J.Crew on a line of accessories inspired by a dreamy art-deco vision of Miami. You’ll find notebooks, Dopp kits, clutches and totes in an array of soft colors that feature doodles of things like alligators, flamingos, sunglasses, boats and South Beach hotels. There is even an umbrella outfitted with these summery images in case you really want to transport yourself on a dreary winter day.


The best part? The line starts at $20 and maxes out at $65, making J. Crew the perfect place to find a Christmas present for that person in your life who’s really just waiting for it to be summer again — even if that person is you.

What’s your favorite piece from this new collab? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via J.Crew)