As way back as your relationship with canvas sneakers may go (raise your hand if you lived in them during high school [raises hand]), this might be the year to think about letting them go into hibernation until the spring. No, we’re not suggesting you shun sneakers for all of fall and winter. We’re just asking, what if you start thinking about your sneakers as seasonal shoes like sandals and boots?


If any retailer can convince you to let go of the idea of owning one pair of year-round lace-ups, it’s J.Crew, who teamed up with the SoCal footwear brand SeaVees to launch a trio of casual kicks made of wool, full-grain leather and oiled suede. This exclusive set blurs the lines between laid-back and elegant all thanks to those heartier fabrics and chic neutral color palette, which help elevate the retro-style sneakers from purely knock-around status to one-pair wonders that polish your favorite weekend denim and go with your tailored work trousers. As the product description reads, “Skateboard park, here we come. Or not.”


Prices for the three styles range from $89-$98, although that’s not including the goods it’ll take to make them truly weather proof. After that, there’s no stopping you and your new seasonal solemates.

How many pairs of sneakers do you own and how do you style each of them? Name drop your pair of go-to fall sneakers in the comments below.