Over the course of her lifetime, a woman will wear many shoes. From cute baby shoes to “something blue” wedding shoes to shoes that look like ice cream, there’s really a pair of kicks for every occasion. Trendy footwear comes and goes, but some are just too classic to ever stop buying — such is the case with Converse Chuck Taylors. These shoes have been on the market since 1917 (making them older than probably any of you reading this), and we’re still wearing them today. Though not a lot has changed design-wise on these bad boys in the 98 years since their release, Chucks are about to join the future with a new wearable tech upgrade.


Some shoe upgrades are kind of weird (hello, selfie shoes) but the ones being added to Chucks seem really rad. According to Maxim.com, the new version will be called the All Star II. The All Star II will be enhanced with shoe comfort technology that includes “Nike Lunarlon sockliner for cushion and arch support, perforated suede for some moisture wicking and a foam padded collar.” These shoes seem newly tricked out for maximum comfort.


The design of the shoe will stay the same, and you can still get them in high or low tops. Sadly, these shoes are already sold out, but it’s likely that Converse will release another round of them soon. Keep an eye on their website for deets.

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