Ever since Friends, Jennifer Aniston has become something of hair royalty. I mean, when ladies are going into hair salons and asking for “the Rachel” for decades you know you’ve definitely taken trendy hair to a whole other level. But it wasn’t just that choppy ’90s cut of Aniston’s that was popular. Her more recent angled bob and long locks are just as sought after. It looks like we’re having an extra lucky week folks because apparently all our favorite hair role models are feeling up to sharing their secrets with us.


In a recent interview with Fashionista, Aniston revealed that a key ingredient to getting her famously flawless hair is not a magical shampoo, but a little bit of sweat. Ya, you heard us right. Aniston starts out by explaining that she’s not totally shampoo free, but she does go two to three days without washing her hair. When asked how she keeps her locks looking fresh after workouts on those in-between days she told the website, “A little sweat in the hair is nice. It’s like a little product. You just blow it out with your fingers and it’s actually just fun.”

Aside from serving as something of a natural styling product, studies have shown that sweat could also actually be good for your hair. In an article on Popsugar, celebrity hairstylist, Natasha Sunshine says that intense cardio has a “direct impact on your sebum, an oily, conditioning substance secreted by skin glands that helps prevent hair from drying out.” She goes on to explain that the release of toxins “directly contributes to purer, healthier and an even more conditioning sebum.” If Aniston’s hair hack is true, it’s no wonder her hair is always looking like a dream.

Considering this idea is Jennifer Aniston approved we’ll definitely give it a fair shot, but for now we’re going to keep an emergency supply of dry shampoo in our bag just in case things get a little too greasy for our own good.

How do you keep your hair looking fresh post-workout? Share your secrets with us in the comments below.

(Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)