Instagram just got a little bit brighter! Weeks after Elizabeth Olsen finally caved and signed up for the app so as not to miss out on business opportunities, Jennifer Garner is also jumping on the social media bandwagon.

The Tribes of Palos Verdes actress gave us her very first post just a few hours ago, but already she鈥檚 a pro: She bypassed a still shot in favor of a fun video for her inaugural debut.

In it, we see a sped-up time lapse of the star spelling out the words 鈥淚 am officially on Instagram, so please follow me because isn鈥檛 that how this works鈥︹ on a sign before cheerfully posing in front of the finished product.

Her plea for followers clearly did the trick: The mom of three has more than 132K followers 鈥 and counting!

She certainly has plenty of content to keep them entertained. Between her adorable kids (now five, eight, and 11), her upcoming films (she鈥檚 currently recording her voice for Amusement Park), and her charity work, she鈥檚 a busy, busy woman!

As you may or may not be aware, the 45-year-old is an avid activist for Save the Children, regularly speaking out about the importance of early childhood education programs and even offering to work with President Trump on the issue.

It鈥檚 that very organization she鈥檚 currently promoting in the website section of her new social media page, which directs people to a Hurricane Harvey Relief Children鈥檚 Fund.

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(Photos via Craig Barritt/Getty Images for FIJI Water + Jamie McCarthy/Getty)