Is it just us or does it seem like 2015 is quickly turning into the year of celebrity babies?聽Blake Lively gave birth to a baby girl just before the New Year rang in, then we were hit with news that Miss Zooey Deschanel is expecting and now Jessica Biel is also jumping on the maternity train. Allegedly. News that she was pregnant聽broke a few weeks ago聽after JT鈥檚 former bandmate,聽Joey Fatone spilled the beans. And now the rumor mill is freshly abuzz with stipulation that聽the couple is expecting a girl.


We have yet to hear directly from the celebs as to whether the breaking baby news is 100% true or not (although c鈥檓on, we鈥檙e working with like 50/50 odds here), that hasn鈥檛 stopped us from brainstorming some names they should not go for,聽but rather totally steer clear of:

1. Mary Camden Timberlake: While Mary is definitely a classic choice, it鈥檇 probably be best to stray away from the name of Biel鈥檚 breakout role on the hit TV drama, 7th Heaven.

2. Britney: Because you know, that would just be plain awkward.

3. Sophie, Emma or Olivia: We鈥檙e loving these names but the hard truth is that so is everyone else. Sophie, Emma and Olivia are listed as the most popular baby names of 2014, so to avoid making your little girl聽the 鈥淛ohn Smith鈥 of 2030 we say go for something a little more unique.

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4. Joey: While we鈥檙e all for using this as a聽girl鈥檚 name (ahem, Dawson鈥檚 Creek anyone?), considering it was Justin鈥檚 NYSNC bro, Joey Fatone that preemptively leaked the baby news, we鈥檙e going to say he has to have naming potential revoked.

6. Erin: Since Biel鈥檚 character, named Erin Hardesty in聽Texas Chainsaw Massacre,聽endures some pretty traumatic experiences, we鈥檙e going to say something with a bit of an uplifting vibe聽would be a better pick.

5. Ella, Bethany or聽Eleanor: Considering these made the top three for the naughtiest baby names聽of 2014, it might be best avoid some temper tantrums and steer clear of these.

7. AJ:聽Or any other name that will remind JT of the boy band wars of 1998鈥

What baby name do you hope the couple goes with for their first child?聽Let鈥檚 brainstorm in the comments below!聽

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