You know when you want to send someone something in the mail for no reason? Just to say hello, I love you, you rule, you rock and maybe even give a long-distance high five to your bestie? Us too. Which is why we’re kind of obsessed with Hallmark’s artsy, designer-y offshoot, Studio Ink. We’ve partnered up with Studio Ink to share our favorite cards to send to your besties, just because.

But first, a little more about this quirky, cool collection of cards. Studio Ink seeks out artists and writers to collaborate and create “perfectly unpolished” postcards, greeting cards, stationery and gifts. Each piece is simple, light-hearted and is all about adding a moment of delight to the recipient’s day. You can send digital cards (for free!) as well as postcards.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing a couple more tidbits straight from Studio Ink’s incredible roster of artists, including tips on writing clever, funny cards without going too punny, and an in-depth profile on one of our faves. Stay tuned!

Scroll on to see our faves. And you can browse all of them right here!

1. Piece of Cake: Know someone who’s got a big presentation, project or exhibition coming up? Reassure them that they’re awesome with this card by Kate Sutton.

2. Whale of a Time: For that special someone you you have the best time ever with no matter what you two do.

3. High Five: It’s like the high five emoji in postcard form. Soooo meta.

4. Bee’s Knees: Tell your partner in crime just you much you love them with an old school saying.

5. Things I Believe In: The folks at Off the Charts know how to turn your thoughts and feelings into charts. From left to right: Eating Two Lunches, Dancing As Exercise, Aliens and YOU. We believe in you. And we also agree that dancing is exercise.

6. You Are A: Minimalist mad libs, comin’ right up.

7. You + Me: In the words of iconic lyricist Humpty Hump of Digital Underground, “Let’s get stupid.”

8. Intrigue and Enchantment: Imagined beautifully by Mirna Stubbs, we’ve got a fanciful city or town filled with the most colorful buildings we’ve ever seen.

9. The Luckiest Stars: And on the right, dreamy decorations that make us think of holiday ornaments, paper lanterns and graphic flowers.

10. Thanks For That Thing You Did: If you’re a longtime member of the Brit + Co crew, you might recognize the style of these cards. Artist Amber Goodvin was at our event Re:Make just last year, showing attendees the art of watercolor hand lettering. Her cards are light, airy and lovely.

11. WHOA: Joey Lawrence would approve.

12. So. Darn. Happy: You know who you are. And you make us SO. DARN. HAPPY!

13. Signs of the Zodiac: Finally, this collection by Danielle Kroll is just what your horoscope-loving besties need. You know what else they need? Our weekly astro guide, of course! ;)

Ready to send your bestie, boo or bae a card for no reason? That’s what we thought. Head here and get ready to make someone’s day. And be sure to follow Studio Ink on Instagram for lots more light-hearted inspiration.

This post is a collaboration with Hallmark Studio Ink.