In case you haven’t already heard, the Scandinavians excel at pretty much *everything,* from breakfast recipes to baby boxes. Now, don’t get us wrong — we love the trendy Danish concept of hygge… that is, making our homes as cozy as possible, fixing up some hot drink recipes and donning adorable cabin socks. But it’s possible that we’re even MORE crazy about the latest Finnish lifestyle trend: Kalsarikannit. Kalsarikannit literally refers to the concept of drinking at home alone in your undies, with no intention of leaving your house. Yes, you read that right. And any trend that gives us permission not to wear pants is GOLD in our book. Here are a few of our favorite boozy beverages to sip on while you’re indulging in this AH-mazing new way of life.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate


Our worlds were collectively rocked when we caught wind of the latest (and arguably best) way to drink hot chocolate: Mixed with wine. This adult version of hot cocoa is basically the perfect beverage for combining the concepts of hygge and kalsarikannit — get your drink on at home in true introvert style while enjoying a cozy cuppa cocoa. (Recipe + Photo via IMMAEATTHAT)

Spiced Wine and Cider


Whether wine or cider is the drink of your choosing, warming it up and adding a little spice makes it totally consistent with the rules of hygge. Making a good spiced wine or cider can actually be pretty simple. For bonus points, drizzle some caramel on top for ultimate you-time points. (Recipe + Photo via Taste and Tell)



There are TONS of ways to drink rose, one of our absolute favorite wine varietals. It’s commonly thought of as a summer drink, but it can definitely warm you up if you drink it straight-up during the wintertime. In the summer, turn it into a sparkling cocktail, a spiked lemonade concoction, or a booze-infused ice cube. The choices are endless. (Recipe + Photo via Dessert for Two)

Fizzy Cocktails


These days, drinks are all about the fizz. La Croix, Izze, and other sparkling waters are enjoying a *serious* moment in the spotlight, and nowhere is that more apparent than in drinking trends. Some of our favorite sparkling cocktails are calling to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home, sans pants.

Craft Beer


Who doesn’t love a good craft brew? Nothing beats a strong, flavorful ale, stout, or lager at the end of a long day, making beer PERFECT for a good kalsarikannit evening. After a rough workday, crack one open, disrobe, and binge on Netflix. This is the stuff dreams are made of. (Photo via Hooked on Hops)

Chocolate Martinis


To be real, we love martinis in any shape or form — but chocolate martinis are REALLY something special. They’re also semi-indulgent, which is why they’re so perfect for savoring when you’re relaxing at home, taking care of you. Finish it off with a pink straw to tie the whole thing together.

Boxed Wine


There is literally NO SHAME in boxed wine. In fact, boxed wine companies have really upped their game in recent years, and even the most picky winos will agree that there are plenty of good boxed options around these days. These grown-up juice boxes are the perfect low-maintenance treat for kicking back and relaxing at home in the spirit of kalsarikannit. (Photo via French Rabbit)

Beer Cocktails


Can’t decide between a cocktail or a beer? You’re in luck — you don’t have to. Beer cocktails are totally a thing, and they’re actually SUPER yummy. You aren’t just limited to Moscow mules, either. From micheladas to grapefruit beer bellinis, there are tons of options on the table. (Recipe + Photo via 10th Kitchen)

Wine Slushies


Want to cool off with a good old-fashioned slushie? Might as well make it boozy! No matter what kind of vino you have on hand, there is a wine slushie for you. Top it with some fresh fruit and sip it with a cute straw while you enjoy true liberation. (Recipe + Photo via Twinspiration)

Champagne Cocktails


Forget what you’ve heard about Champagne being only for special occasions. Every day is a good day for bubbly! And we can’t think of anything better to toast than your *me time.* So make a Champagne cocktail, kick back, and savor your pants-free kalsarikannit experience. You’ve earned it.

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