The family that slays together stays together, and the Kardashian/Jenner/et al. squad show no sign of slowing down, even as Keeping Up With the Kardashians celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Between new businesses and babies (three new KarJenner babies are reportedly on the way: Kim & Kanye via a surrogate, Kylie Jenner with boyfriend Travis Scott, and just announced, Khloé with NBA player Tristan Thompson), we don’t think even they can keep up with their own lives. We’ve simplified it by allowing you to focus on what Kardashian (and Kardashian-adjacent) family member is most like you, per your zodiac sign.


Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner: You’re independent and don’t like to be held down by anyone or anything. Underneath that quiet exterior, you are intellectual and always down for an exciting adventure (e.g., ATV riding). You always forge your own path and live your most authentic self, no matter what others think. (Photo via Larry Busacca/Getty)


Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian: Friendly and sensitive, you’re always willing to help out others without asking much in return. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you experience emotions to the extreme — both good and bad. You need other people in your life to keep you grounded; problem is, you tend to choose the wrong partner more often than not. (Photo via Gabe Ginsberg/Getty)


Kourtney Kardashian: You’re a go-getter and self-driven; you like to get your way, and if there is a good business idea, you won’t hesitate to dive right in. You’re quick witted and often speak before you think, which can lead to some unintentional burns for those around you. You crave excitement in a relationship but will never want to be with anyone who is less than your equal. (Photo via Frederick M. Brown/Getty)


Blac Chyna: You love to surround yourself with beautiful things and physical pleasures. You tend to be stubborn, which isn’t always a bad thing: Being headstrong can translate into perseverance and you’ll keep on keeping on until you achieve success. You like things done your way, and hate when people are not straightforward or create unexpected changes in your life. (Photo via Jason LaVeris/Getty)


Kanye West: As the sign of the twins, you have two different outward personalities. There’s the musical genius/fashion visionary side. And then there’s controversial, Imma-let-you-finish-but-steal-your-thunder-at-the-VMAs side. You’re known for grandiose gestures and rants, but you can be thoughtful and serious too (that “sad Kanye” meme is so relatable… but only part of the time). One thing for certain: No one can call you boring. (Photo via Michael Loccisano/Getty)


Scott Disick

Scott Disick: You’re one of the most complex signs, extremely emotional, and often crave attention. You need to be surrounded by loved ones to feel secure, but you can also be moody and go off by yourself to sulk. You can be nurturing and affectionate, and insecure and possessive, but you’re usually happiest at home with your friends and family. (Photo via Timothy Hiatt/Getty)


Kylie Jenner: Like the youngest Jenner sister, you do not like being ignored. You document every part your life and relationships through social media. You’re creative and cheerful, love hanging out with friends, and often create your own drama if it doesn’t already exist. You’re all about pride and upholding your reputation for an adoring audience. (Photo via Nicholas Hunt/Getty)


Khloé Kardashian: You’re meticulous and a perfectionist — everything in your house is organized to the point of borderline OCD. You’re a problem solver, constantly thinking about how to improve things, using your analytical skills to solve any problem, whether business or personal. When people come to you for advice, they know they’ll get real talk. (Photo via Dia Dipasupil/Getty)


Kim Kardashian West: You like to keep the peace whenever possible, and constantly strive for balance. Partnerships are important to you, as you hate being alone. You’re sociable and charming, making friends easily wherever you go. You tend to be indecisive because of your focus on making sure everything is fair, but one thing’s for certain: You love luxury and treating yo’ self. (Photo via Bryan Bedder/Getty)


Kris Jenner: You’re fierce, resourceful, and determined. As the ultimate manager/momager, there is no one better than you to take charge (not that you would even let anyone else have full control) of building and maintaining a successful empire. You generally have a calm demeanor, but if anyone betrays you or a loved one, watch out for that Scorpio sting. (Photo via Tommaso Boddi/Getty)


Kendall Jenner: You’re curious and adventurous, and there’s no doubt that you’re the biggest jet-setter of the group, traveling from city to city to learn and experience as much as possible. You don’t do well with day-to-day routine. You’re enthusiastic, optimistic, and risk-taking — a great addition to any girl squad — but this sometimes leads to acting before you think through the consequences. (Photo via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)

Kendall Jenner Met Gala 2017


North West: You’re ambitious, creative, and independent. Serious in nature, you like to do things yourself, know how to play the long game, and are always helpful to a friend in need. Your smart personality lends itself to being a natural leader, whether in fashion, business, or life in general. (Photo via Rich Fury/Getty)

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