Stars – they’re just like us. Dennings proved she could totally be our best friend a few months ago when she chatted with Jimmy Fallon about a Pinterest beauty fail she encountered. The star of Two Broke Girls told the talk show host that she was scrolling though the social network when she read about dying hair using instant coffee. Unfortunately for Dennings, the mixture had little effect on her tresses. The actress DID report that the insane amount of caffeine went right through her pores and she “felt like she was going to die.” Yikes. Now Dennings has dived into another hair adventure that we’ve all considered one time or another: bangs.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.40.23 AM

Luckily for Dennings, her latest change-up turned out much better than her prior experiment. Yesterday, Kat took to Instagram to show that she’d ditched her soft, long tresses for a choppy style with blunt bangs. To our utter surprise, Dennings seems to have also proven that you can in fact, get a haircut in Hollywood and not walk out with a shoulder-length lob. Miracles are possible, people.

Paired with that ripped denim vest and army green tee, we’re getting some serious ’90s grunge vibes from Dennings. If she’s not already slated to play Liv Tyler’s character in a secret remake of Empire Records, someone should definitely arrange that.

(Photos via @katdenningsss and Jason Kempin/Getty)