Like the hot surfer you met on that tropical vacay, great hair color is a fleeting kind of love affair. You head to the salon and walk out with the perfect color, but you know that it won鈥檛 last for long before it starts to fade. So you wait six weeks or so and then repeat the whole ordeal all over again. But what if you could get a color treatment that promised to look great not for six weeks, but six months? No this isn鈥檛 some kind of follicle witchcraft. Apparently, hair stylist to the stars, Johnny Ramirez has developed a technique that only requires a couple applications per year, but is it too good to be true? We decided to chat with one of our favorite San Francisco hair experts, Korina Stratton to see what she had to say about this magical hair color.

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Ramirez has dubbed the style 鈥lived in color.鈥 He insists that it鈥檚 neither balayage or ombr茅. Korina (who says she鈥檚 actually been using this technique for awhile but hasn鈥檛 been sure what to call it) explains the magic of this style works by 鈥渆nhancing the tones and knowing what colors come from the darkness and lightness of that main base color. In other words, what would happen to their hair during the seasons (summer, winter, fall, etc). As the color fades, it will evolve into different hues and tonalities, just like the hair naturally does throughout the seasons in its own.鈥

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Is it AS magical as the headline may suggest? In short, Korina says yes, this technique will last you a whole lot longer than your standard dye job. She explains, 鈥淭he color will change from the start of the six-month mark, but it will continue to look natural through the process. There are no lines of demarcation because of the coloring technique and evolving color that stays within the complimentary tones of the overall hair color. As a result, you are making fewer visits to the salon because people are still asking you four months out if you just had your hair done or where you get your hair done because it looks fabulous!! And you think, 鈥榳ow, it鈥檚 been months since I鈥檝e had my color done but it must still look fantastic! My hairstylist is the BEST!'鈥

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Whether blonde, brunette or redhead the look seems to follow somewhat of a specific formula: dark roots, lighter tips and a whole bunch of various shades in between. From the endless examples of this technique spotted on Ramirez鈥檚 Instagram, it鈥檚 obvious that the style more depth than the classic ombr茅, but there are obvious similarities. Consider this the next evolution of the beloved and practical style.

What are your thoughts on this coloring technique? Would you try it? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @johnnyramirez1)