We’ve brought you all things Kate Spade New York-inspired, including living rooms and bathrooms, but now it’s time to zap that dull kitchen with the brand’s signature color and flair. Using the designer style as our muse, we’ve rounded up some of the prettiest, bold-and-bright spaces to make your space as scrumptious as the meals you prepare in it. Keep scrolling for 10 rooms that are bound to make you feel fabulous in the kitch, no culinary skills required.

1. Sprinkle in color. While gold and white decor is enough to nail the designer’s signature style, a couple of vibrant accessories (like bright yellow pineapples and pink blooms) will bring some bonus delight to the scene. (via The Sweetest Thing Blog)

2. Mix it up. Keep things casual and fun with a variety of mismatched prints, patterns, and details. To prevent the look from seeming overly cluttered, choose items in similar palettes, then let the chill vibes flow. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

3. Color everything but the kitchen sink. Play to the old phrase by adding splashes of color to everything but the sink in your dish-duty nook. We promise post-dinner chores will be more fun this way. (via MyDomaine)

4. See stripes. With black paint and some tape, the whimsical style of KSNY can be captured on your very own white wall. Note: Wallpaper is always an option too! (via Domino)

5. Think pink. If one color comes to mind when thinking about the designer line, it’s definitely pink. It may be an intimidating hue to work with, but incorporating it in small doses, like on kitchen stools or light fixtures, will keep things classy. (via Curated Interior)

6. Hang works of art. Take a note from KSNY’s killer gallery wall style and make your kitchen a little cozier with a few framed pieces. Hello, breakfast nook perfection. (via Southern Living)

7. Parisian, please. Bring those mornings of fresh crepes and buttery croissants home by creating your very own French bistro-style dining space. Bold blush, black, and white pieces will have you saying, “Oui, oui!” in no time. (via Domino)

8. Sit pretty. We can already hear the oohs and ahhs of your friends when they step into a dreamy kitchen like this. (via Culture Southwest)

9. Hit the spot. Polka dots bring the stylish KSNY spirit every time. With a cheery, dotted wall treatment, your kitchen will become your new go-to area — even when meals aren’t being made. (via Thou Swell)

10. Go rug-ged. Living that rental life? Forget the paint and take your revamp to the floor instead. The quick addition of a bold, striped rug will protect the floor and keep your feet a little comfier. (via The Everygirl)

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