saw Kim getting serious about tackling the homelessness epidemic in Los Angeles, so naturally, this week鈥檚 episode is about the epidemic of consumerism that is the Kardashian/Jenners鈥 Christmas preparations. It鈥檚 all a little much, but considering that Christmas isn鈥檛 real in a place where it鈥檚 98 degrees in November, it feels like we should just let them have this. Add in Kim鈥檚 continued efforts to be socially conscious and the fact that Kris Jenner may soon have nine grandkids to get Christmas presents for, and it鈥檚 clear this family is earning their Christmas cheer.

If Kim showed a kinder and more charitable side of her personality last week, this week鈥檚 Kim is a frosty nightmare who is hellbent on having a wholly original Christmas display after Kourtney and Kris stole many of her ideas from last year. An initial visit to Aldik Home to plot their decoration schemes turns ruthless when Kim starts claiming certain decorations and shuts down anything Kris wants that is remotely similar. This inspires Kris to steal Kim鈥檚 ideas, and when an alleged list of plans mysteriously falls into Kris鈥檚 assistant鈥檚 inbox, Kris decides to take some of Kim鈥檚 ideas and do them bigger and better. Frankly, she should put Kim through a Home Alone obstacle course for being such a yuletide terror.

Meanwhile, it鈥檚 nostalgia versus, uh, a different kind of nostalgia over the holiday desserts. Khlo茅 laments the fact that the lemon cake of her youth comes from a Duncan Hines box. She would prefer that it be made from scratch, but Kris has been making the same cake for 40 years and has no plans to change that. Khlo茅 challenges her to a bake-off with self-proclaimed 鈥淔ood God鈥 Jonathan serving as head judge. While Khlo茅鈥檚 made-from-scratch strawberry blackberry crumble is deemed a winner, the family still wants to keep the tradition of having Kris鈥檚 boxed lemon cake for Christmas Eve. Considering how much Khlo茅 touts herself as an excellent cook, don鈥檛 be surprised next year if you get three free months of Khlo茅鈥檚 inevitable meal plan service as a stocking stuffer.

Of course, it would be too jarring a shift from last week鈥檚 very special episode if the Kardashians didn鈥檛 do something for those less fortunate. Kourtney and Kim take their kids to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to hand out bags of food to the needy. Kourtney stresses that the holidays are about giving and not just receiving. Thanks, Kourt. You鈥檝e made this whole episode slightly less about how great it is to be rich.

Holiday preparations reach a ludicrous fever pitch with Kris鈥檚 Christmas dinner, which she鈥檚 hosting in, like, September when this episode was filmed. Kim makes it very clear at the beginning of the dinner that she hates Thanksgiving food, and just like that, she鈥檚 out of the running for Season 14 MVP! It was a good run, Kimberly, but you鈥檙e a monster. Kris cries with joy over the flood of grandchildren both confirmed by press release and merely rumored. She says through her tears, 鈥淚 used to pray that one of you guys would have a baby and now it鈥檚 a faucet that turned on and won鈥檛 turn off.鈥 After she likely dries those tears with money, the party moves to her backyard where Jonathan is dressed up as Santa (yawn) and NANCY KERRIGAN IS ICE-SKATING. Kris got an ice-rink in Los Angeles in, like, September, and Nancy Kerrigan is for real skating on it! Could Kris actually be Season 14 MVP??

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