We’re used to hearing all about Kendall Jenner’s red-hot career (getting wings in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is a big deal, y’all), not to mention getting peeks into her super luxe lifestyle (e.g. $52,000 WTF weirdo sofa) via her wildly popular Instagram account. But the model just let us in on an interesting tidbit about her personal life, or rather, her love life. That is, we learned her favorite pickup move, and it’s surprisingly (cringe-worthy?) old-school.

Kendall Jenner

Taking to her website, 21-year-old Kendall shared a quick blog post revealing “The Cheesy Pickup Line That Would Work on Me.” In fact, it’s not quite a line and more of a move, but we’re willing to overlook that.

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“I know it’s super corny and not technically a ‘line,’ but I totally love the classic movie-theater-yawn-reach. I would kind of love it if a guy did this to me, lol.” Oh my, who would have thought Kenny would be into such an old-school move. But whatever works, amirite?!

She even included the “Sin Wagon” clip from Grease, although that may not be the best example since, well, Danny turns into a groping creepo and ends up taking a hit in the junk.

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(h/t Elite Daily; photo via Gabriel Olsen/Getty)