We’re rarely surprised anymore by the unusual and super luxe lifestyle of the Jenner family — from their million-dollar homes (futuristic bathroom, FTW) to their outrageous outfits and, of course, that infamous jewelry — but that doesn’t mean our eyebrows aren’t raised over the jaw-dropping $52,000 Kendall just spent on the weirdest sofa we’ve ever seen.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall explained on her website that she was “way under budget” when it came to her furniture purchases, so decided to pick herself up a new sofa. Natch, no normal piece would work for Kendall. She needed something interesting, something unusual, something super freakin’ expensive. She needed a Boa.

The Boa sofa (named for the snake or the accessory?) from Edra is “a large woven nest. A soft embrace. An invitation to explore different positions lying between its pillows. You can sit on it, lie down or curl up.” Sounds cozy.

But why the heck does it cost so much? Well, the 120 meters of “tube” are “filled with flexible and breathable polyurethane with a touch of goose feather. It is covered with velvet, which gives it a peculiar brightness.” On top of that, to create each sofa “four people work simultaneously and in synchrony for more than a week,” and then an additional “two full days are dedicated to the final weaving.”

In the end, the result is like a pile of interwoven fluffy cords of purple plushness that’s unlike any other sofa around. And that’s perfect for Kendall. “One day, I just had a vision about the entry room and knew exactly what it needed. As soon as I saw the couch, I fell in love.” We certainly hope you did, for a whopping $52k!

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(h/t Mirror; photos via Edra, Andreas Rentz/Getty)