Khloé Kardashian has always been one of the most stylish Kardashian sisters. While she doesn’t always get the most Kardashian love, we have really been into her look transformation over the last few years, especially in the hair department. Whether she’s sporting boxer braids like her sisters or letting her hair flow, she’s changed from a dark, sultry brunette to a stunning blonde, and now we know how she’s achieved the look, thanks to her incredibly talented stylist, Tracey Cunningham.

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In case you didn’t know, Tracey is the mastermind behind Chrissy Teigen’s color as well. She has a whole roster of celeb clients. In an interview available to members of her website, Khloé asks Tracey about the process to achieving her natural-looking blond locks. It took Khloé a long time to get the right blond hue, and she asks what it will take for others to get the same results.

Tracey breaks it down by color type and ethnicity/hair type. For example, curly hair and wavy hair is more easily damaged, so proceed with caution. As for Asian hair, when lightening it, the hair has a lot of brassiness, so needs to be toned to keep it cooler. Black hair can be very delicate when going blond, so it needs a lot of TLC.

If you’re starting from black or dark brown, Tracey also recommends to spend four spaced-out sessions to achieve Khloé’s blond. “This is the most expensive transition procedure,” she says. From light brown, it’ll take “three times to get your desired color.” Surprisingly, red hair requires just as many sessions as black/deep brown hair. “This is a tricky treatment,” she says, “but the end results are gorgeous!” If you’re a natural blonde, you’re in luck. To get to Khloé’s shade, you only need two sittings.

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Some of her other tips include using OLAPLEX and conditioning your hair more than you think you should before you sit down in your stylist’s chair, so that you are starting from the best possible position to achieve your dream results. The biggest takeaway from the Q+A is that patience is the name of the game. No one will achieve this look over night, and results will always vary by hair type.

If you’re into a dramatic change like Khloé’s, be prepared for the long haul. Tracey also recommends not being too worried if the change is jarring at first. She says, “Think about it and sit on it for a while. It can be a CHANGE — which is amazing — but it takes time to get to love the new you.”

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