It happens to the best of us: Whether you鈥檙e trying to save money by bringing lunch to the office or you鈥檙e upping your health game by cooking your food (good on you, girl!), resolutions to make your lunches ahead for work aren鈥檛 restricted to just the beginning of a new year. Everyone talks about the extra time and effort that go into homemade lunches, but one thing no one wants to admit is that sometimes bringing lunch to work is hard because it just isn鈥檛 sexy 鈥 there鈥檚 something kinda kindergarten-ish about whipping out a lunchbox at the communal office table.

Prepd, a San Fran-based initiative, is here to change that with their Prepd Pack: an innovative take on homemade meals to go that鈥檚 killing it on Kickstarter (this bad boy is already well past its funding goal).


The guys at Prepd have set out to design 鈥渁 revolutionary new take on the humble lunchbox鈥 that they鈥檝e crafted to both 鈥渕ake lunchtime more enjoyable鈥 and to take back 鈥渃ontrol of what you eat,鈥 says their Kickstarter page.


After several iterations and redesigns, they鈥檝e come up with a lunchbox that鈥檚 based on modular containers that can be arranged in various combinations to suit your changing daily lunch needs. The completely leak-free containers are crafted from tritan, a BPA-free material that is freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe, making managing leftovers a walk in the park rather than an epic hassle. The cherry on top of this already killer design is the magnetic cutlery that comes with it 鈥 gone are the days of spoons and forks flying all over the place.


The best part, though, is that Prepd doesn鈥檛 stop at just the lunchbox 鈥 there鈥檚 an app too! They鈥檝e designed it right alongside the lunchbox, since BYO lunch is about so much more than just the container.


According to their Kickstarter campaign, the app is a hub for tasty meal plans that are complete with exportable shopping lists and recipes 鈥渄esigned to fit the prep pack containers perfectly,鈥 which you can browse by 鈥渄iet type, health goal or key ingredient.鈥 It鈥檚 this killer combo that really slays the stress of bringing lunch from home 鈥 with it, you know what you鈥檙e eating, you don鈥檛 have to worry about food waste and you can plan and prep your meals days or even weeks in advance if you鈥檇 like.

If you鈥檝e been won over by this smart and design-minded take on lunchtime, you can still get in on the goodness 鈥 their campaign is open until February 26 and offers all kinds of super sweet swag rewards for contributions. Toss a few bucks their way and you can walk away with anything from the original pack at a $20 discount to the retail pack, which includes 10 (!) sets of the Prepd pack, all ready to be sold in your store or boutique.

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(Photos via Prepd)