You hear a lot of new parents reminiscing about all the traveling they did before their wee one was born. As if now that there’s a baby in the picture, fun trips are a mission impossible. As a mom whose kids went on their first flights at three and five weeks old, I’m telling you it doesn’t have to be that way. Families have been turning to vacation rental sites like AirBnb or Homeaway in search of a more comfortable and affordable experience, but finding family-friendly rentals can be a challenge. Kid & Coe is capitalizing on the growing demand from parents who want to continue exploring the world, kids in tow.

The premise is similar to AirBnb: Families can both browse through homes in different destinations around the globe, from Andalusia to Sydney, and apply to become a host. What sets it apart is that it caters specifically to the needs of traveling families. Besides the usual rundown on the home’s amenities, you’ll find useful information such as whether there’s a baby bathtub available, whether you’ll find children’s utensils in the kitchen or where the closest playground is.

Another cool feature is their destination guides, filled with lots of insider tips, places to check out, restaurants where the food is delicious and you’d be okay with an antsy toddler. In general, Kid & Coe strives to provide a travel experience that is hassle-free and makes parents feel at home while on vacation with the kids.

Have we mentioned that the photography is stunning and the website is gorgeous and so easy to navigate?

Let’s start daydreaming. Where would you jet off to with your kids? Tell us in the comments!